Watson Institute at UFM Career Accelerator

Empowering entrepreneurial leaders to accelerate their careers and lead lives of consequence, purpose, and impact.

The program takes place from May to July 2022.

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This program is offered through Watson Institute in collaboration with the School of Economic Sciences of Universidad Francisco Marroquín

This is a 6-week program that accelerates the careers of entrepreneurial leaders through rigorous training in the skills required for success in the future of work, intensive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs,  professionals and a community of peers. Current students of UFM are eligible to receive a minor in Impact Entrepreneurship for completing the program.

The program is tailored for university students and young professionals from across the Americas who desire to identify their purpose, learn and practice new skills, and grow their network to accelerate an impactful, successful career.

Career Accelerator Program


Date: Monday, May 30th –  Friday, July 8th 2022

Time: This is a full-time, 6-week program conducted as a virtual program with in-person sessions offered throughout. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

  • Synchronous Class Time: Entire cohort experiences  events together at the same time. Every day from approximately 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Guatemala Time
  • Asynchronous: Students complete work/experience individually, given specific due-dates and clarity of outcome and quality expected. There will be approximately 10 hours of asynchronous content to complete per week.

Tuition: $3,900.00.  Flexible payment plans available.

Scholarship: Watson Institute offers a wide range of partial scholarships to qualified students.

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Accelerate your career, lead a life of impact

Universidad Francisco Marroquín and Guatemala

Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) is a leading institution of higher education in Latin America with the mission to teach and disseminate the ethical, legal, and overall economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons. UFM has played an important role in the development of Guatemala and produced many of the region’s leading entrepreneurs, executives, and public officials.

Guatemala itself has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students of Watson Institute at UFM are integrated into the global entrepreneurial community through their Mentors, Master Course Teachers, internships, and challenges presented in the curriculum. Students of Watson Institute at UFM will have the opportunity to meet with leaders across Guatemala, the Americas, and the world.


The program is divided into 6, week-long courses that focus on developing critical entrepreneurial skills.

   Impact Gap Canvas: Learn how to navigate the problem landscape to better understand the problem which you aim to solve through your product or service.

Clarity Lab: Develop skills related to concept clarity, including effective goal setting, project management, compelling storytelling, and branding techniques

 Money Lab: Develop skills related to financing and funding, including fundraising, budgets, bookkeeping and sales.

 Design Your Life: This course, based on the book Design Your Life, by Stanford University professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, uses design thinking to address the complicated nature of designing the life and career you want. We will use the tools, frameworks, mentors and our peers to work through these topics.

Transformative Action: Learn the process of overcoming key challenges faced during an impact entrepreneurial process.

Kirchner Investment Academy: Introductory program offered to actors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem (Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Students, Professors), interested in developing, advising and evaluating entrepreneurship projects through investment processes.


Learn the best practices for goal setting that are  relevant to the progress of a business.

Practice how to work collaboratively with peers to overcome common challenges faced during the process of starting a business or a project.

Develop skills of social and personal transformation to overcome challenges.

A Powerful Community

Master Course Teachers

Watson Master Course teachers are the world’s foremost leaders and entrepreneurs, who serve as short-term entrepreneurs in residence. Each week a Master Course Teacher is invited to teach a short workshop or share their entrepreneurial journey and experience as well as mentor the Watson Scholars. Previous Master Course Teachers have come from organizations like Apple, Netflix, Pepsi, and Google.


Preceptors are Watson’s equivalent of faculty. They are carefully selected leaders, and entrepreneurs who teach the Watson curriculum, draw on a wealth of personal experience, and individually coach the Watson Scholars. Based on their experience and trajectory, they reinforce the mission and values of both Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) and that of the Watson Institute.

Alumni Network

The result is a lifelong network of peers, friends, and partners that includes the broader Watson Institute alumni network across the globe. Gain access to job, internship, funding, and other opportunities that become available through alumni, students, and staff.

Is this program for you?

The program is designed for university students and young professionals determined to advance their careers and lead lives of consequence, meaning, and impact.

  • You want to advance your career by gaining new skills that will prepare you for the workforce and create new opportunities for you
  • You are an entrepreneur with a business venture or idea you want to grow, you will find a community where you feel free to do it and discuss it.
  • You are looking for a program that will help identify your passions and create a plan to pursue them
  • You want the opportunity to grow your network through your peers, instructors, and the global Watson community

The program will be delivered in English. The majority of faculty, mentors, and master course teachers will be fluent in both Spanish and English.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the application form: Fill out the application that tells us more about your reasons and expectations for joining the program. Click here to fill out the form.
  2. Assessment: Our admissions team reviews your application and qualified applicants will be invited for a one-on-one call with the Admission Team.
  3. One-on-one call: Once you’ve completed this step, our team reviews your application and interview for your final acceptance into the program.
  1. Scholarship: You can apply to one of our partial scholarships
  2. Enrollment process: After your acceptance into the program, you will connect with the admissions team to discuss next steps and payment options.
  3. Deposit and enrollment agreement: The last step to finalize your enrollment is to pay your $100 deposit to secure your spot in our cohort and review and sign your enrollment agreement.

Contact Our Admissions Team

Get in contact with a team member today! Either Sandra or Monica are happy to help.

Sandra Mancia – sandra@watson.is
Monica Solares – monica@watson.is