Watson Team

  • Alberto Gómez
    Operations Coordinator, South Florida
    Alberto leads the Watson Institute, South Florida Campus Operations. This position entails implementing and coordinating large portions of daily Watson Institute admissions and programmatic operations. In addition to spearheading campus logistics and developing a vibrant student life experience for Scholars.
  • Andrew Lippi
    Andrew manages three crucial organization-wide teams: Program Implementation, HR/Operations, and Enrollment Engine. He builds and instills culture in our top-notch teams and supports each team in achieving their goals. He is known as a GyShiDo Master and aims to set the foundation for Watson Institute to become a hundred year old institution.
  • Brin Enterkin
    Executive Director, Boulder
    Before joining Watson, Brin founded the African SOUP, co-founded a commercial renewable energy company, and was recently recognized as a Forbes' 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur
  • Eduardo Balarezo
    Preceptor, South Florida & Guatemala
    Eduardo is a passionate leader with 25+ year-experience in finance, management, social innovation, business strategy, product development, human development, partnerships and startups.
  • Eduardo Owens
    Preceptor, South Florida
    Eduardo founded //Movement, a socially-responsible fitness initiative that recycles the energies of it's fans and patrons into socially conscious projects in the community and around the world.
  • Helda Cáceres
    Director of Programs, Guatemala
    Helda Cáceres is The Director of Programs for the Watson Institute in Guatemala City, she leads the development and execution of the key elements of the program and ensure the successful launch of Watson Institute at UFM, which aims to develop the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.
  • Eric Glustrom
    Founder & CEO
    Recognized as an Ashoka fellow, Echoing Green fellow, and one of Forbes 30 social entrepreneurs under 30, Eric’s work is driven by a simple belief: to solve the toughest challenges facing humanity, the place to start is within the hearts and minds of the next generation.
  • Isabel DeJesus
    Director of Admissions Operations, South Florida
    Isabel leads the global search and admissions process to find and select the most promising young innovators by improving, expanding, and diversifying Watson Institute’s nominator network and key partnerships.
  • Javier Lopez-Mochon
    Director of Admission, South Florida
    Javier leads the global search for promising next-generation leaders and social entrepreneurs for the bachelor’s program at Lynn University and the Watson Semester Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Jorge Méndez
    Director of External Programs & Search, Boulder
    Jorge co-leads the search and selection process for Watson scholars, leads communications and marketing, and manages the execution of the Watson Basecamp.
  • Lallas Chen
    China Coordinator
    Lallas is responsible for leading Watson Basecamps in China, as well as searching China and the globe for entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers to join our programs.
  • Lucie Rosner
    Director of Campus Operations, Boulder
    Lucie leads the Watson Institute, Boulder Campus Operations. This includes event planning, campus logistics, and community partnerships to optimize the Watson Scholar experience.
  • Megan Christensen
    Director of Programs, Boulder
    Megan leads up all of the elements to our programming at the Watson Institute, Boulder including curriculum design and ideation, the Mentor Network, facilitating workshops, and the support of Master Course Teachers.
  • Molly Ganley
    Preceptor, Boulder & Guatemala
    Molly works with early-stage, impact-driven entrepreneurs to help them clarify their strategies and streamline their operations.
  • Nicholas Kukucka
    Director of Programs, South Florida
    Nicholas is responsible for implementing each element of our model including training, mentorship, hard skills, and community - he creates an experience that equips the next generation to lead impactful, successful careers.
  • Rob Kellogg
    Preceptor, Boulder
    Rob has more than twenty years of experience working with businesses, governmental agencies and nonprofits in various leadership and entrepreneurial roles across diverse sectors.
  • Pablo Galindo
    Preceptor, Guatemala
    Pablo is the Founder and General Manager of Gestla Ventures, a Search Fund Accelerator and Private Equity Fund. He's the instructor for the Money Lab at Watson Institute at UFM in Guatemala.
  • Sam Elmore
    Preceptor, Boulder
    Sam Elmore is an organizational development consultant and experiential coach. He is the co-founder of OrgDev, a boutique consulting firm serving startups in the Boulder/Denver region. He is teaching the Watson Lab and Transformative Team.
  • Santiago Bunce
    Preceptor, South Florida
    Santi is Vice President of Evaluation & Learning at Catalyst Miami where he oversees program evaluation, internal learning, and nonprofit capacity building efforts.
  • Travis Thomas
    Preceptor, South Florida & Guatemala
    Travis's goal is to assist and inspire individuals and corporations in creating more authentic cultures through collaboration and purpose.
  • Tyler Guiliano
    Executive Director, South Florida
    Tyler manages the team, preceptors and development of Watson Institute, South Florida. In her role, she oversees all programming including curriculum design, workshops, Master Courses, and both our Mentor and Employer Networks. She also serves as a liaison to the broader South Florida community for the program and scholars.

Watson Board of Directors

  • Eric Glustrom
    Founder & CEO
    Recognized as an Ashoka fellow, Echoing Green fellow, and one of Forbes 30 social entrepreneurs under 30, Eric’s work is driven by a simple belief: to solve the toughest challenges facing humanity, the place to start is within the hearts and minds of the next generation.
  • Jason W. Griffith
    Associate, Benesch
    Associate in Private Equity and Corporate Practices of Benesch, Jason has extensive legal, pro-bono, and non-profit expertise. From the board, he supports Watson Institute with legal and strategy questions, among others.
  • Jane Miller
    CEO of Lily's Sweets
    A recognized leader in the natural and organic food industry, Jane is CEO of Lily's Sweets and has 30 years of executive experience in PepsiCo, Heinz, and Rudi's Bakery. Jane publishes the popular blog JaneKnows.com on the tips, tools, and truths to lead a meaningful career.
  • Erin Krampetz
    Co-founder, AshokaU
    As Co-founder and former Community Director of AshokaU, Erin has been a key player in supporting colleges and universities everywhere to become hubs of social innovation.

Watson Advisory Board

  • Robin Luff
    Founder, Raising Our Voices
    Robin believes that the education system needs a boost. With that, she has committed her time to systemic change with charter school oversight, preschool readiness for Spanish speakers, and executive functioning skills for marginalized communities.
  • Kevin Ross
    President, Lynn University
    Under Kevin’s leadership, the university has implemented a redesigned core curriculum, the nationally recognized Dialogues; a first-year student experience titled The Citizenship Project; and a three-year undergraduate degree program.
  • Scott Sherman
    Transformative Action Institute
    Scott Sherman is the Executive Director of Transformative Action Institute and has worked on nonviolence and social justice projects from the war-torn island of Sri Lanka to the inner city ghettoes of America.
  • David Burstein
    Founder, Run for America
    David is a writer, filmmaker, and passionate believer in the millennial generation. He is the author of the book Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping our World.
  • Roshan Paul
    Founder, Amani Institute
    Roshan is the Founder of Ashoka’s Globalizer and the Amani Institute. He is a guest lecturer at over a dozen universities - from Harvard to Paris’ HEC Business School. His course is entitled: "Scaling Social Enterprises Globally."