Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship

A degree from Lynn University in collaboration with Watson Institute.


Class of 2023 early decision deadline is November 15, 2019.

Four-step application process:

  • Identify your mission: You must have an understanding of the world, and the drive to create lasting social impact.
  • Apply to Lynn: Submit Lynn’s application for admission.
  • Then, apply to Watson Institute: Complete the Watson Institute application for admission to the social entrepreneurship program.
  • Interview: Finalists will be invited to demonstrate their passion for change in a final interview.

Major in your mission.

The revolutionary Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship from Lynn University is built for students to major in their mission, gain experience as interns with leading organizations in their field, and develop a skill set necessary to create impactful, successful careers.

This collaboration between Watson Institute and Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, brings together a cohort of social innovators from across the globe to build careers that align with their values and contribute to solving the toughest challenges facing the world. Through interactive courses, intensive mentorship, and a powerful, diverse community of peers, students and alumni lead lives of impact.


Interactive courses led by proven entrepreneurs and leaders combined with Lynn University’s innovative Dialogues Core Curriculum.


Every student is paired with mentors that align with their mission, challenge assumptions, contribute valuable perspective, and expand their network.


Students join a diverse cohort with members from every corner of the globe, a variety of experiences, and a common goal to impact the world.

Hands-on and interactive courses

The Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship at Lynn University consists of hands-on, interactive courses in social entrepreneurship, innovation, social change, and hard skill labs. As part of Lynn’s College of Business and Management, students will also take business courses, such as Project Management and Principles of Economics, and complete the nationally recognized Dialogues core curriculum.

The curriculum is geared towards preparing students with the skills and experience to design and lead impactful, successful careers. This one-of-a-kind program can be completed in as little as three years. Below you will find a sample of the kind of courses that students complete during the first year of the program:

Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith helps students develop the skills required by the leading companies of the 21st Century: creativity, innovation, problem solving, teamwork, and transformative communication.The course is based on the principles of “Transformative Action”, which is defined as new methods of solving society’s problems, looking beyond traditional methods of social change and covering topics and skills ranging from: positive psychology, fragility to resilience, stagnation to creation and much more.

Apprenticing with a Problem
Apprenticing with a Problem is structured as a series of challenges that lead students to identify and create solutions and harness self identified growth areas to further advance their mission.

Impact Gap Canvas
Impact Gap Canvas helps students map the key organizations, initiatives, people, and efforts in their field.  Created by Daniela Papi-Thornton’s research, the Impact Gap Canvas is a tool used to understand the landscape of a problem identify gaps where individuals can contribute to a solution.

Transformative Entrepreneurship
Transformative Entrepreneurship is designed to equip students with the tools needed to build social ventures. It focuses on foundational skills including: fundraising, finance, rapid prototyping, customer discovery, problem solving, and human centered design.

In addition to the courses outlined above, students join a tailored and interactive Master Course from a seasoned entrepreneur or leader who is invited to campus each week.

Master Courses

We have the privilege to host some of the world’s foremost leaders, entrepreneurs, and practitioners to deliver Master Courses, 28 highly interactive workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, with the Watson Scholars. Individuals who have led Master Courses in the past include:

Jamie Citron

Jamie is the Director of Development Strategy for the Obama Foundation and previous to that was a Deputy Director for the White House.

He has over 14 years of experience in mission-driven organizations building, improving and managing teams to grow impact. On campaigns and at nonprofit organizations, Jamie creates strong coalitions to implement innovative programs based on clear metrics and purposeful goals.

Felecia Hatcher

Felecia is on a mission to rid communities of innovation deserts by working with community leaders and government officials to create inclusive and diverse tech/startup ecosystems as the Co-Founder of Code Fever, Black Tech Week and Tribe Cowork and Urban Innovation Lab.

She has raised over 3 million dollars to support Code Fever’s work which sits at the intersection of economic development and inclusive innovation.

Chad Bernstein

Chad is the co-founder and CEO of Guitars Over Guns Organization, a music-mentoring program for at-risk youth; he has a doctorate from the University of Miami and teaches trombone and jazz arranging at FIU.

He is an active member of the South Florida music scene as a multi-instrumentalist, band leader, sideman, and writer, and has worked with Pharrell,, Pitbull, Shakira, Natalie Cole, Chaka Kahn, John Legend, and many more.

Lynn University and Watson Institute collaboration

Lynn University and Watson Institute work together because we believe that to solve the toughest challenges facing the world, we must equip the next generation with the necessary tools, network, mindset, and courage to unleash a lifetime of impact.

Watson Institute first aligned with Lynn in October 2014. In August 2018, Watson and Lynn welcomed a pioneering class of gritty idealists to participate in a one-of-a-kind Bachelor of Science in social entrepreneurship.

Why Lynn University?

  • Lynn University is named as one of the most innovative and diverse universities in the nation. See more here >
  • Lynn’s Social Impact Lab offers incredible opportunities such as Ambassador Corps to all Lynn students
  • Lynn’s J-Term offers for-credit, hands-on Citizenship experiences for all students
  • Lynn’s approach of intellectual exploration through dialogue and experience leads to transformative conversations and focus on pressing global discussions

Is this program for you?

Learn more about the type of student that joins the Bachelor of Science in social entrepreneurship from Watson Institute at Lynn University below:

Prospective Students Page

What is the cost of the program?

Watson Institute and Lynn University offer various scholarships that students may qualify and apply for. The Watson Scholarship award process begins after the students have been interviewed and admitted into the program.

Learn more about tuition costs for the program below:

Learn more about Lynn University tuition

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