Watson Institute’s 239 Scholars and alumni from 60 countries have raised over $100 million, created over 800 part or full-time jobs, and impacted over 150,000 people around the world through initiatives they help lead.

Watson alumni have been selected to Y Combinator, the Echoing Green Fellowship and Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, and continued their education at Harvard University, New York University, and Princeton University, among others.


Meet our graduates.

  • Dwayne Griffith, South Florida
    Saint Maarten
    helping people communicate effectively across different cultures.
  • Xiya Xiao, Boulder
    Xiya is working on a project called STEM Clinic, which aims to help girls and children in poor areas to have access to education.
  • Valeriia Moroz, Boulder
    Valeriia is the one of founders of the GCED Youth Network which fosters youth understanding of Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Reuben Salima, Boulder
    Clement and Reuben are founding a youth empowerment and employment center; the center will provide courses in entrepreneurship skills, life skills studies and promote talent.
  • Raymond Francois, Boulder
    United States
    Raymond is the founder of Food for Thought, which is a food truck that also fights against food insecurity.
  • Rahul Naidu Mariserla, Boulder
    Rahul started ‘Prerna’ that supports parents homeschooling kids, by teaching them how to teach.
  • Paul Ristuccia, Boulder
    United States
    Paul’s focus is green building and sustainable waste management.
  • Manuella Rodrigues, Boulder
    Football for a Cause aims to improve access to education through a national passion: football.
  • Louise Silva, Boulder
    Louise is the Founder & CEO of Prep Change, a startup that is committed to making International Education more affordable and accessible to Brazilian students.
  • Leejoo Hwang, Boulder
    Leejoo is investigating potential entry-points in the market for carbon offsets.
  • Kabuki Ibrahim, Boulder
    Rotate focuses on matching graduates to companies for jobs using business process outsourcing (BPO) where this business outsourcing serves people from different countries.
  • Jinen Friji, Boulder
    Jinen created JF, a sustainable fashion line of accessories and wardrobe combining eco-friendly production and storytelling.
  • David Odhiambo Ochieng, Boulder
    Following the various problems brought about by the overgrowth of water hyacinth in Lake Victoria, David developed his venture, Save Lake Victoria.
  • Jackson Dean, Boulder
    United States
    Jackson is the founder of BOSSTALK, a one on one based interview prep course for high school and college-level students.
  • Ezra Newfield, Boulder
    United States
    Ezra is currently a Free-Agent, working alongside Raymond Francois on bringing Food for Thought food truck to life.
  • Evelyn Tang, Boulder
    Evelyn Tang is the founder of Natpark, an app that helps kids from ages 6-12 to better understand their impact on the environment through gamification.
  • Dieuné Louis, Boulder
    Dieuné’s project, BlissAbility, will provide entrepreneurial training and customized job skill readiness training to individuals with disabilities in Haiti.
  • David (Mualen) Umborjah, Boulder
    Mualen is the founder and CEO of Vara Wudiu, an animal feed manufacturing company in Ghana that seeks to address the issues of food insecurity and protection.
  • Clement Kam'mwamba, Boulder
    Clement and Reuben are founding a youth empowerment and employment center; the center will provide courses in entrepreneurship skills, life skills studies and promote talent.
  • Claudine Migisha Muhoza, Boulder
    Democratic Republic of Congo
    Claudine founded the Nguvu Ya Africa (Power Of Africa) as the solution to the toughest political and economic crisis facing marginalized girls and women in DRC.
  • Bonnie Chen, Boulder
    United States
    Bonnie's mission is to connect world-class industry leaders and founders with young entrepreneurs that are looking to accelerate their experience in a specific industry.
  • Ashley Yong, Boulder
    Ashley’s focus issue is the failing system of administrative support in policy making and implementation in Malaysia, specifically regarding the lack of public involvement during the process.
  • Anna Gabriella Casalme, Boulder
    United States
    Anna Gabriella is the founder of Novelly, an ed-tech non-profit reimagining civic education for youth.
  • Aida Namukose, Boulder
    Aida is working on Waaka Women's Shelter; a safe space for vulnerable Ugandan women where they can access emergency services, rehabilitation, and skills training to lead improved lives.
  • Abdulrehman Alwy, Boulder
    In Kenya, it is the patient’s responsibility to provide blood for transfusion for procedures and ailments. Red Splash advocates and creates awareness around voluntary blood donation.
  • Abdalla Hassanein, Boulder
    Aurora is working on the integration and introduction of youth into the social entrepreneurial development sector as entry-level jobs using specialized training, customized recruitment, and aid matchmaking.
  • Yifan Wang, Boulder
    Yifan is the founder of Australia China Women's Network, a community for young women to build their self-confidence and self-awareness, give them the tools to bridge the gap between conventional values and cultural prejudices, and become leaders in their communities.
  • Ivan Kastrun, Boulder
    Ivan founded Skiler; skiler is a device made from aluminum pipes and a clamp, which enables and enriches the learning of skiing. With its wide range of functions, it is suitable for beginners, parents, ski instructors, and especially children with special needs.
  • Yuri Coret, Boulder
    Yuri Coret is creating a college preparation company that equips Kenyan high school graduates with the right academic preparation, personal development and financial consultation that will help them gain acceptance into their desired colleges in the United States.
  • Boniface B. Omina, Boulder
    Boniface founded Student Vortex, an online platform that, based on desired needs and skills, connects Kenyan students looking for opportunities to gain work experience and exposure to companies. The Vortex also avails offline platforms for practical job market engagement of students with companies.
  • Fahadhi Kiryowa, Boulder
    Fahadi is the founder of Dignity Community Center which involves community engagement, personal development and business opportunities. Dignity Community Center's mission is to engage and empower women and children through sewing and artistic expression, especially breakdancing.
  • Omaima Doukkane, Boulder
    Omaima is striving to fight blood shortage in Africa by introducing blood drives that will facilitate providing accurate medical data/diagnosis in emergency cases on an App. Her App/Saas: IDEM will serve as a digital health ID with critical life saving data to first responders in deadly situations.
  • Gopal Jha, Boulder
    Kapra uses a co-operative model to help women make art into practical and high-demand commodities that can be sold easily in an international market. In addition, Kapra provides financial education and involvement of every member in the finances of the co-op.
  • Frank Mwita, Boulder
    Frank founded MTAJI INVESTMENT GROUP LTD, a social enterprise that provides a sustainable capital solution that does not require security for collateral for East African Micro-businesses.
  • Joshua Okoduwa, Boulder
    Joshua is the founder of Restructure Africa, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing access to education in Nigeria. He is now the founder and program director of ‘APO’ which is providing upcycled solar-powered backpacks to support children who live in under-served communities in Nigeria.
  • Menna Zordok, Boulder
    Menna is working on converting single-use plastics to fashion design products. She is also expanding the use of a newly discovered “plastic munching bacteria” to break down single-used plastics by Microbiology methods to further the mission of "reused, restricted, redesigned, or removed from production."
  • Charles Msilanga, Boulder
    Charles is the founder of The Personal and Corporate Development Company which aims to eradicate Glassophobia (fear of public speaking) among business leaders. He is also a director of YEP, a non profit that empowers youth in Kenya on entrepreneurship, leadership, and environmental conservation.
  • Joseph Assenga, Boulder
    AfyaConnect is an application designed to save pregnant women for safe delivery and reduction of maternal mortality in developing countries, focusing on preventable causes of maternal death.
  • Samuel Moses Elba, Boulder
    Sierra Leone
    Samuel is the Founder of Spark Light Energy Limited which is dedicated to providing a clean, affordable, and environmentally friendly source of electricity. This is accomplished by a crank powered generator that does not use fossil fuels or a battery to be powered and can last for 24 hours after using the crank for only one minute.
  • Gibson Munene, Boulder
    Gibson is the Co-Founder of OpenFarm which is a B2B platform that helps small scale farmers directly sell their products to the retail markets. OpenFarm provides third party delivery of products for the farmers who cannot afford to deliver their products to their markets.
  • Tapiwa Simon Gondo, Boulder
    Tapiwa is the founder of Eduhill an organization that promotes access to online education for students in Zimbabwe. He is also the founder of a social networking platform that promotes entrepreneurship among African youth.
  • Yuri Costa, Boulder
    Yuri Costa is the co-founder of CID Project, a Brazilian organization that developed a process to prevent high school dropout by understanding the context in which the students are enrolled. CID Project offers support and opportunities to help them identify their dreams.
  • Dejoie Sylvain, Boulder
    Dejoie is a Watson Scholar, a Dalai Lama Fellow and has been recognized by the Muhammad Ali Center and Clinton Global Initiative University for his work in both Rwanda and Ghana. He is the Co-founder of Umurage Nyawo, cultural concerts which honors the legacy of music cultural leaders in Rwanda.
  • Polly Xu, Boulder
    Polly is working on an organization created by youth for youth, dedicated to supporting and empowering underserved rural-urban migrant girls in metropolitan China, particularly in Beijing.
  • Richard Alexandre Araújo dos Santos, Boulder
    Richard is creating an online mentorship program for youth who do not have a high level of English proficiency or access to English education. In Brazil, English proficiency is very important for both academic and professional endeavor.
  • Nishchal Banskota, Boulder
    Nishchal is the founder of Nepal Tea, a social enterprise that distributes organic teas directly from family farms in Nepal, eliminating the unwarranted middlemen who provide sub-par values to poor farmers in Nepal. His ultimate vision is to connect the primary producers to the ultimate consumers.
  • Ngoc Pham, Boulder
    Ngoc founded Tam Chay Retreat homestay, which provides a space for mental support through simplicity and intriguing discussions that evoke introspection for mindfulness, self-awareness and to question fundamental human values.
  • Nathaniel Hawley, Boulder
    United Kingdom
    Nat is a neurodiversity champion and advocate for people with learning differences such as dyslexia. Pride of Britain award nominee and recognized by HRH, The Prince of Wales for heroism, international fundraising and public speaking for the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Mika Mzumara, Boulder
    Mika is the co-founder of Dirt to Power Initiative which educates rural communities and poor urban households on sustainable methods of food production. Mika also founded of Zakumunda FUHUB which aims to connect poor and illiterate farmers directly to the market through a transparent supply chain.
  • Mara Cortona, Boulder
    Mara is the Executive Director of the Astropolitics Institute: the premier source of research, advocacy, and education for the burgeoning discipline of astropolitics addressing the historical, political, environmental, legal, economic, and business aspects of space activity worldwide.
  • Yetta OuYang, Boulder
    The "Fun Science Curriculum Guidance Manual" was created to place an emphasis on children's exploration and experiential learning to bridge the gap between the resources of rural science education and children's strong desire for learning science.
  • Evi Uwede, Boulder
    Evi is the co-founder of SEEDDEV and is working on a project that aims to address the gender gap in STEM by increasing the number of girls who enter the STEM field.
  • Elena Cassina, Boulder
    Elena founded “Teddy Bears Crossing Borders”, which spreads teddy bears to refugees and orphans as symbols of hope and encouragement. The teddy bears are handmade by a group of African asylum seekers currently living in Italy.
  • David Dominković, Boulder
    David is the founder of Blink; a state of the art discreet heart monitoring wristband or wrist bandage that reduces the risk of a cardiac arrest. The chip measures oxygen levels, heart rate and other factors and notifies paramedics when a person’s medical condition becomes life threatening.
  • Buhlebethu Magwaza, Boulder
    South Africa
    Buhlebethu is the founder of Isivuno Agri Solutions, an organization whose mission is geared towards making small-scale farmers in Ulundi adapt and remain resilient to climate change and its impacts through the adoption of non-traditional farming methods and techniques.
  • Alexander Schilling, Boulder
    Alex founded OPENSchool Solutions, which provides a digital learning platform that enables teachers to directly help students with their individual needs.
  • Salsabil Thabti, Boulder
    bringing North African women together to support, empower, and push each other to successfully run businesses.
  • Esther Nakajjigo, Boulder
    Esther is Uganda's Ambassador for women and girls, the host of Saving Innocence an award winning show for teenage girls getting a second chance to life from being wives to students. Esther is also the host of a reality TV show (LIFT) that shares stories of what it means to be a woman in the world's largest refugee settlement.
  • Irina Gladysheva, Boulder
    aims to connect Russian students to international teachers to learn needed skills.
  • Tanzim Taher, Boulder
    diagnosing hemp diseases and providing advice to hemp farmers using AI.
  • Brooke Harmon, Boulder
    paving a new way on how to support people and view self understanding.
  • Johanam Abdalla, Boulder
    working to make recycling simple, exciting, and available for everyone.
  • Eric Mbaki Mwaura, Boulder
    on a mission to reduce the number of pregnancy complications and maternal deaths in developing countries.
  • Rebecca Onagbola, Boulder
    creating resources, coaching and connections for female Nigerian early-career professionals.
  • Nairi Krafian, Boulder
    working with dogs and vulnerable youth populations
  • Achraf Khallouli
    bridging the gap between generations
  • Ashraf Mizo, Boulder
    creating social change through technology.
  • Roselyn Jainona, Boulder
    passionate about social change and development.
  • Alex Kyeyune, Boulder
    passionate about educating global citizens about poverty eradication strategies in rural areas.
  • Paula Estefania Pérez, Boulder
    committed to providing rural communities with sustainable clean water.
  • Aditya Dave, Boulder
    strongly believes in the power of community and giving back.
  • Kathleen Hu, Boulder
    on a mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger.
  • Letchkov Brevil, Boulder
    promoting social inclusion and education for children in Haiti
  • Samuel Adewole Dotun, Boulder
    passionate about creating prosperity in Africa through social entrepreneurship.
  • Charles Nana Kwarteng, Boulder
    focusing on farming resource optimization using cleantech
  • Lucas Silva, Boulder
    using Artificial Intelligence to identify young people with suicidal and depressive tendencies
  • Paola Prieto, Boulder
    addressing the lack of opportunities for young girls who desire the tools to start their own business.
  • Yousra Kherkhache, Boulder
    improving her community in any way that she can.
  • Vito Ljubec, Boulder
    supporting early stage youth entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe.
  • Sonam Kumar, Boulder
    working for the poor to uplift lives and create job opportunities.
  • Olesia Mehedyniuk, Boulder
    devoted to helping others, particularly children, to learn about the importance of recycling.
  • Lawrence Okettayot, Boulder
    solving challenges in agriculture and entrepreneurship to make his community a better one
  • Meiling Wu, Boulder
    believes that to help small companies grow is to grow the world.
  • Grant Ellison, Boulder
    has a passion for simplifying people's lives, and a desire to fill needs.
  • Mahmoud Tohamy, Boulder
    wants to fix the damage in the world to make it a better place and to help people to have a better life.
  • Kim White, Boulder
    inspiring creative children in Zimbabwe to be the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Diane Delava, Boulder
    making a positive impact on this planet that drastically needs it.
  • Brian Kariuki, Boulder
    making the world into a better place for everyone by solving problems through innovative technology.
  • Andrianina Jamuelle, Boulder
    Encouraging people to use non-chemically treated and safer products to reduce illnesses and respect the environment.
  • Alhassan Baba Muniru, Boulder
    Al co-creates local solutions to solve the waste challenge in Ghana through youth empowerment programs.
  • Sara Hrašar, Boulder
    Producing wheelchair slippers for physically disabled individuals in order to break a barrier of stigma and shame.
  • Tobechukwu Okeke, Boulder
    Using augmented reality to share human stories, so that we can understand others' reality and be inspired to build a more just world.
  • Ricardo Rocha, Boulder
    Delivering fresh groceries and a full inventory of goods to homes located in food deserts and families facing food insecurity throughout Denver.
  • Beniamin Strzelecki, Boulder
    Creating a gap-year program for high school graduates allowing them to discover their passions and better prepare for future careers.
  • Jefferson Kang’acha, Boulder
    Transforming the Kenyan agricultural landscape through automated hydroponic technology in horticultural farming.
  • Charlotte Vitak, Boulder
    Breaking down silos to bring students, professors, and community members to listen and learn from each other.
  • Claire Fleming
    Increase community engagement, social responsibility and environmental awareness in business practice.
  • Anungoo Munkhsaikhan
    Opening a healthy chain restaurants that destroy the old notion “Healthy eating is privilege of the rich”
  • Abdelhak Ferhat, Boulder
    Developping innovative products and services for people with personal and private medical conditions.
  • Nzambi Matee, Boulder
    Impact the world positively a day at a time.
  • Jumoke Adeoye
    To improve health and well being of women and girls in low income communities.
  • Donnya Piggott
    Creating inclusive Caribbean societies - One island at a time.
  • Syeda Jaisha
    To facilitate Pakistani women past the ideal working age in finding professional opportunities.
  • Alex Fiel
    To help fulfill the promise of the information age by providing free access to education and a record of learning.
  • Favio G. Camacho Soria
    Improve human communication to create a more empathic world.
  • Norman Mthethwa, Boulder
    To provide water acces for the purpose of improving hygiene and sanitation through profitable agricultural practices.
  • Abhay Rangan
    To work towards achieving animal liberation in my lifetime.
  • Fabian Segurondo
    Provide solar energy to poor and rural communities
  • Demetri Bolduc
    Address ecological collapse and social injustice by creating transparency, education/awareness and shifting structural power hierarchies.
  • Ryan Singh
    Tackling civil complacency using the power of youth and art as a tool for social change
  • Cicy Shengnan Zhang
    Tackling civil complacency using the power of youth and art as a tool for social change
  • Jack Hisard
    Improving the potential of renewable energy through optimizing solar technology
  • Ian Oluoch
    Tackling civil complacency using the power of youth and art as a tool for social change
  • Tessa Zimmerman
    Connecticut, U.S.A.
    Tackling civil complacency using the power of youth and art as a tool for social change
  • Junior Guerrero Ruiz
    Promoting literacy through the creation of a free and accessible e-book platform
  • Finn Woelm
    Using our collective power to shift our world towards a peaceful and sustainable future
  • Michael Hentschel, Boulder
    Creating a sports- based empathy building program that combines global citizenship curriculum and games that emphasize life skills such as teamwork, grit and accountability
  • Emmanuel Rusaka
    Eradicating counterfeit drugs in the market through education and verification services
  • Aljaz Osetič
    Reducing volunteer firefighter response time by collaborating with volunteer brigades to sell + install warning sirens on volunteer vehicles
  • Lewis Wanjohi
    Creating a security app and a criminal database management and analysis system to monitor crime in Kenya
  • Azure Eller
    Creating a crisis line alternative for college students in need
  • Timia Pratt
    Making mental health treatment more accessible for low-income minorities
  • Makayla Brown
    Equipping children with healthy coping mechanisms to lower suicide, self, harm, and substance abuse rates through poetry workshops
  • Cole Compton
    Creating sustainable, living centerpieces to promote the sustainability of native plants
  • Lallas Chen
    launching a free information sharing platform for English learners focused on the fields of debate and cultural understanding
  • Mackendy Blanc, Boulder
    Uniting groups of passionate young leaders throughout Haiti and training them on the concepts of social entrepreneurship
  • Nicholas Kee
    Creating a coding academy for young Jamaicans
  • Charles Muhanguzi
    Developing low-cost solar-powered indoor air purifying solutions for poor families in Africa
  • Sohrab Amiri
    Promoting more efficient and responsible health care options for refugees
  • Jessy Huang
    To advance human freedom through globalized, open collaboration.
  • Elijah Torok
    Creating adventure films that ignite ideas and action for positive change
  • Justina Shandler
    Exploring global social issues through music and songwriting
  • Wenyu Xi
    Developing creative learning spaces in rural China
  • Forbes Danckwerts
    Creating a more habitual place for all life to live sustainably
  • Kaya Cameron
    Granada / USA
    Reintegrating holistic medicine into the culture of Granada
  • Alcyone Magana
    Telling the human story through a camera lense
  • Theresa Giglio
    Bringing healing, recovery, and hope to adolescents who are victims of trauma
  • Allyson Carpenter
    Helping to bridge the tribal divide and bring peace and prosperity to the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Romain Vakilitabar
    Promoting empathy through virtual reality
  • Risalat Khan
    Exploring ways to de-risk rising sea levels in Bangladesh
  • Jason Woolf
    Empowering South African youth through traditional singing and dancing
  • Chenxi Ou Yang
    Giving a voice to Chinese craftworkers by filming the stories behind the art and attaching them to the products via a QR code
  • Allie Morgan
    Exploring innovative means of providing medical aid in African countries
  • Lucas Peel
    Creating a rainwater harvesting system that collects and filters precipitation for use as a potable water source
  • Brin Enterkin
    Supporting orphans in Uganda and addressing systemic trends.
  • Katie Raitz
    Organizing youth to create peer-to-peer sexual health classes and teaching materials
  • Schuyler Van Sickle
    Designing and building aquaponic farming technologies that help to increase small and urban farming productivity and profitability
  • Madelle Mbong Kangha
    Empowering African youths to rise to the challenges of a transformed and transformative era
  • Omotola Akinsola
    Creating an innovative, decentralized leadership academy in Nigeria
  • Priscilla Semphere
    Promoting African literature cultural awareness through storytelling
  • Carson Kahn
    Seizing new opportunities in ed-tech
  • Eibhlin Lim
    Giving a voice to the subject of the story
  • Elisabeth Reitman
    Assist survivors of violent conflict
  • Cheyenne Teng
    Connecting international producers and consumers more directly and efficiently
  • Alex Jeffery
    Creating our generation’s most progressive community of mission-driven people and organizations
  • Momal Mushtaq
    Connecting and empowering female travelers, especially from the countries where freedom of movement for women is restricted
  • Betty Nakato
    Providing high school with confidence and skills to identify and create opportunities
  • Tanaka Chingonzo
    Improving the communication between city councils and their citizens
  • Andy Rapista
    Bringing entrepreneurial education to the Philippines
  • Eve Karim
    Equipping low resourced students with her literacy and basic skills training in Bangladesh
  • Christian Chamberlin
    Using rap to empower others
  • Uyen Dang
    Promote career development services in Vietnam
  • Zach Lahartinger
    Streamlining school fee processing in America
  • Melissa Diomond
    Making autism services universally accessible
  • Hossay Mariam Shareefy
    Breaking barriers in Afghani education
  • Renee Edwards
    Creating a natural, sustainable lipstick and beauty care product line that is in harmony with nature and human health
  • Mahmud Johnson
    Empowering Liberian youth through entrepreneurship education
  • Marcela Fernandez
    Giving workshops and attending to people going through a life crisis or transition
  • Andrew Scales
    Changing the way that people travel and think about adventure
  • Rashaun Williams
    Promote effective community organizing to bring about social change
  • Jernej Pangeršič
    Encourage and motivate people to volunteer and become agents of change
  • Sameer Issa
    Integrating Equine therapy with yoga to benefit children, animals, and the environment
  • Chinenye Ogoko
    Making high youth unemployment a thing of the past in Nigeria
  • Leeran Markizano
    Quality education for children in South America
  • Emma Jackson
    Integrating creative transformation of self and community into an arts and culture platform
  • Egan Elston
    Transform unsustainable social and environmental relationships into healthy, egalitarian relationships based on reciprocity and consent
  • Loic Kaze
    Promote the arts in the entrepreneurship field, empowering students to create their own startups while following their artistic passions
  • Lissa Piercy
    Use poetry as a tool for social activism
  • Gerald Hodges
    Helping his peers become agents of change
  • Danny Walsh
    Rethinking medical devices to allow for a more mobile world.
  • Ian Frank
    Telling untold stories
  • Angela Merrill
    convene the perspectives of individual communities to create true solutions to global issues
  • Paulo Oscuro
    Utilize technology to promote diversity
  • Maranda Robison
    Making breast milk available to all babies in need
  • Alex Rodriguez
    Harnessing the power of technology to create a better world
  • Courtlyn Carpenter
    Seeking to change the way people perceive food by promoting sustainable agriculture and a reduction of food waste throughout the United States.
  • Wahid Hossain
    Reducing rural poverty by promoting and creating new distribution channels for women craftsmanship
  • Anja Krašovec
    Helping people discover the options that they have
  • Elan Fields
    Creating a web-based platform to connect low income individuals to quality and free legal aid
  • Hussam Hassan
    Helping blind people read e-books
  • Madison Browning
    Creating a zero-waste grocery store
  • Zach Gambill
    Breeding horseshoe crabs and extract proteins from their eggs, which are incredibly important for research in cancer treatments and regenerative medicine
  • Hani Kassim
    driving change in the MENA region through education and entrepreneurship
  • Anna Safronova
    providing a positive social environment and educational opportunities for inner-city orphans.
  • Salih Zainulabdeen
    Support and encourage entrepreneurship in Iraq
  • Isaac Forsland
    repurposing used lumber and motivating Canadian youth to do great things
  • Garrett MacDonald
    Cultivating Sustainability utilizing blockchain technology
  • Ethan Levy
    Turning failure into strength for entrepreneurs
  • Zake Zhang
    Equipping Chinese youth with the courage to be decision makers
  • Shweta Katti
    Assisting families in red-light districts to access the world’s best education
  • Geva Segal
    Solving huge challenges by using the exponential growth of advanced technology and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Patrice Madurai
    South Africa
    Assisting individuals to apply for and acquire identity documentation
  • Marcus Carter
    Embracing cultural differences
  • Vishal Saharan
    Agricultural sustainability in India
  • Justin Simpkins
    Telling meaningful stories through film
  • Misa Grenier
    Helping others live whole-hearted lives
  • Salmine Sassi
    Giving women a voice in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia
  • Ted Weissberg
    United States
    In 2014 Ted attended the incubator program at Watson Institute. That experience gave Ted a real passion for entrepreneurship and brand building.
  • Patrick Mateer
    Local flash-freeze produce
  • Brooke Donner
    Transform K-12 US public schools into places of learning, growth and curiosity for children of all backgrounds
  • Lucas Weber
    Create a thriving collaborative community of young talented artists
  • Sophia Lane
    United Kingdom
    Eliminating menstrual health as a barrier to girls' education in Uganda
  • Ashley Kulik
    Unleashing kids' entrepreneurial potential
  • Jack Corbin
    Improving the potential of renewable energy through optimizing solar technology
  • Abhinav Khanal
    Facilitate direct trade in the coffee industry to reduce economic inequalities and industry injustices.
  • Efua Agyare Kumi
    Tackling civil complacency using the power of youth and art as a tool for social change