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Watson Institute is a reimagined model of education for next-generation innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

A lifetime of impact begins.

Watson Institute is a place where next generation entrepreneurs and leaders can find their community, discover their calling, and accelerate their careers. We provide the tools, network, mindset, and courage for the next generation to solve the toughest challenges facing the world, launch successful careers, and lead impactful lives.

Watson Institute has locations in Boulder, Colorado, at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, and at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) in Guatemala City, Guatemala and runs accelerators for leading corporations including Ford Motor Company Fund and Western Union Foundation. We are now building partnerships with innovative corporations and institutions of higher education in the US and globally.

Watson Institute’s 294 Scholars and Alumni from 69 countries have raised over $100 million, created over 1,000 part or full-time jobs, and impacted 5 million people around the world through initiatives they help lead.

Watson alumni have been selected to Y Combinator, the Echoing Green Fellowship and five have been named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 lists. Alums continue their education at Harvard University, New York University, and Princeton University, among others. Read more about Watson Institute’s scaling strategy in this recent Stanford Social Innovation Review article: The Intel Inside Higher Education.

Watson Institute, Boulder

The Watson Semester Accelerator (Hybrid Format) in Boulder, Colorado is a program for college students, recent graduates, and gap-year students with an early-stage venture aimed at solving the toughest challenges facing the world.

Watson Institute at Lynn University

The revolutionary Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida is built for students to ‘Major in their mission’, intern with leading organizations, and develop a skill set necessary to launch and lead impactful, successful careers.

Watson Institute at UFM

The Watson Institute at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) Career Accelerator in Guatemala City, Guatemala is a six-week program for entrepreneurial leaders that empowers university students and young professionals with the skills, experience, network, and courage to lead impactful careers and lives of consequence.

The Watson Institute Experience

We exist to serve as a platform for the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to build successful careers and impactful lives.

Each element of the Watson Institute program is tailored to give next generation entrepreneurial leaders the intensive training, global network, committed mentorship, and hands-on experience to launch impactful careers.

These are the main pillars of each Watson Institute program:


Mentorship catalyzes personal growth, leadership development, and entrepreneurial success while greatly expanding the network of our students. For this reason, the Mentor Program is a pillar of the Watson experience and consistently ranked as one of the most impactful parts of our program.

At Watson Institute, students are paired with proven local entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders based on how well they align with their mission and current skillset. Mentors coach students through their journey and challenge them to increase their impact by adding perspective, expanding their network, questioning their assumptions, and enhancing their worldview.

Master Course Teachers

Watson Master Course Teachers are the world’s foremost leaders, entrepreneurs, and practitioners who serve as short-term entrepreneurs in residence. Each week a Master Course Teacher is invited to campus to share their entrepreneurial journey, provide one on one mentorship, and expand students’ global network.

Master Courses range from an intimate fireside chat to an interactive workshop, and revolve around sharing best practices, as well as learnings and failures. This pillar of the Watson experience places student side by side accomplished leaders and entrepreneurs to serve as models for inspiration and a field guide for success.

Intensive Training

Watson Institute’s training develops the hard and soft skills necessary to forge a successful career and impactful life including transformative communication, leadership, fundraising, finance, grit, empathy, and resilience. Preceptors are Watson Institute’s equivalent of faculty who themselves are carefully selected practitioners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who teach the Watson curriculum, draw on a wealth of personal experience, and individually mentor students.

Watson Institute’s team of Preceptors facilitate courses like Design Your Life, Transformative Action, Transformative Entrepreneurship, Impact Gap Canvas, Apprenticing with a Problem, and the Watson Lab.

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