Protect Your Courage.

Watson Institute is a reimagined model of education for next-generation innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs, with locations in Boulder, Colorado, Boca Raton, Florida, and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The Watson Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado was launched in 2013 with the mission to revolutionize higher education by providing young innovators and leaders the entrepreneurial platform to unleash their potential and impact the world.

In August 2018, Watson Institute and Lynn University launched a collaborative program at Lynn’s campus in Boca Raton, Florida, where students can earn a one-of-a-kind Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship from Lynn University.

The Watson Method

  • Mentorship
    Each student has bi-weekly meetings with their mentors, who are leading practitioners and entrepreneurs from the community. The result is students learning from those who have been in their shoes and overcome the challenges they are facing.
  • Community
    A powerful community is forged between the students, alumni, mentors, instructors, and team at Watson Institute. The result is lifelong friendships and invaluable peer support of each Watson student.
  • Master Courses
    Watson invites leading practitioners to campus from across the world to lead short workshops, one-on-one mentorship sessions, and act as short term entrepreneurs in residence. The result is a greatly expanded network for each student, transformative workshops, and guidance through challenges.
  • Curriculum
    Each semester, students learn and practice a set of hard skills necessary for building a venture and making change in the world. Students complete a series of modules to develop expertise in a wide array of skills ranging from graphic design and web development to time management and personal branding. In the degree program, students declare a mission, not only a major. The courses cover a range of critical entrepreneurial hard and soft skills that can be applied directly to the area they want to focus on.
  • Personal Development
    Perhaps the most powerful element of the Watson experience is the personal development that comes from being surrounded by a group of peers from across the world each driven to make change. Students leave Watson with greater clarity about who they are and the potential they carry to create significant change in the world.
  • Watson Lab
    In Boulder, The Watson Lab is a hybrid of a co-working space combined with coaching, mentorship, and structured goal setting. The result is that students make significant progress towards their goals and receive coaching and mentorship along the way. In South Florida, The Watson Lab takes the form of an Impact Internship, which is designed to provide the student with hands on experience working and recruiting for an internship that is in direct alignment to their mission and post-graduation career.

Program Highlights

Watson scholars receive weekly mentorship and coaching sessions to take their ideas to the next level, and a community of peers that will last far beyond Watson. We aim to be the Olympic training ground for next generation social innovators. Below are four key elements of each semester.

  • Scholar Trip
    Each semester the scholars travel to a new destination for a weeklong series of challenges and learning from thought leaders.
  • Funder Week
    A week focused on fundraising for for profit and nonprofit ventures or mission focused projects, led by real impact investors and foundation heads themselves - seed funding is awarded to the strongest proposals at the end of the week
  • Summit Week
    The culminating event of the semester in which scholars pitch their ventures or thesis to a crowd of supporters, partners, mentors, funders, family and friends.
  • Career Readiness
    Watson's Career Readiness combines professional training through a free-agent track and Impact Internships depending on program location. The result is students being career ready the moment they graduate, making them eligible to participate in our Employer Network. This network will encompass a group of highly impactful companies eager to attract strong, next generation talent, like the Watson students.

“My time at Watson taught me two things: That within me there is an endless source of possibility waiting to happen, and that there are people who fiercely believe in the good in the world and are passionate about making a lasting positive impact, just like me.”

Allyson Ann Carpenter, US

“Watson is simply the way of the future for higher education: I walk away with the most meaningful friendships I have in my life, the courage to aim for the sky, the depth of reflection required to live a balanced yet cutting-edge lifestyle, and a renewed vision for my social venture Umbiyozo.”

Jason Woolf, South Africa

“Watson is simply the place to be. Although I already have 2 degrees, my experience at Watson far tops any of my previous educational experiences. At Watson, I found the courage to really go for what I want and was able to craft the vision for the future that I want for my life, my community and my country.”

Omotola Akinsola, Nigeria