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Partnering with the most philanthropic companies in the world.

Dozens of today's top companies turn to Watson Institute to develop entrepreneurial talent - whether that talent is on their team or in the key markets they serve.

How It Works?

Two key programmatic pathways

Career Accelerators

Watson Institute powers 4-month Career Accelerators to meet the DEI, talent acquisition, and talent development goals of the world’s most innovative companies.

Venture Accelerators

Watson Institute powers 4-month Venture Accelerators for highly promising, diverse, next-generation entrepreneurial talent that delivers on the strategic, philanthropic impact, and employee engagement goals of corporate foundations.

“Western Union Foundation has proudly partnered with Watson Institute since 2019 to enable the next-generation of global entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers working on the frontlines of social innovation.”

Kimberly Westerfield
Head of Programs - Western Union Foundation

Western Union Foundation

Together Watson and Western Union are transforming lives and changing the game of entrepreneurship. Making the world a better place one venture at a time.

SEG Annual Report

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Ford Motor Company

Together Watson and The Ford Motor Company are transforming lives and changing the game of entrepreneurship. Making the world a better place one venture at a time.

Impressive Statistic

Wow, there's so much potential and zest for innovation and a drive for impact these alumni have. Join us!

Highlights of Partnership

Oh you should be jealous now, look at all the good stuff that comes from working with Watson.

"Since 2018, our partnership with Watson Institute has enabled Ford Fund to invest directly in next-generation, local entrepreneurs who are leading ventures that solve the most pressing challenges facing their community."

Director of Education and Community Development - Ford Motor Company Fund
Ford Motor Company

I am passionate about the work that Watson is doing because they enable young leaders to follow a non-traditional path to finding purposeful careers. Their unique combination of mentoring and training translates to some of the most talented next generation leaders. An education at Watson creates a strong foundation for not just career success, but life success.

Jane MillerWatson Institute’s Board Chair and the most recent CEO of Lily’s Sweets

I am thrilled about the potential of Watson Institute’s Career Accelerator because it offers the BIC Foundation and BIC a way to think differently about finding, developing, and supporting innovative, creative talent - especially those on non-traditional paths who might otherwise fly under our radar.

Alison JamesExecutive Director of the BIC Corporate Foundation

Since its founding in 2013, Watson Institute has built a team of 33 individuals who bring strengths in partnership building, program delivery, and program design. One of Watson Institute’s values is operational excellence and I have observed how they deliver on operational excellence throughout their participation in Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator (as one of two nonprofits admitted to the program) and the partnerships they build.

Taylor McLemoreManaging Director of the Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator

The pathways and Career Accelerator fellowship model Watson Institute has created with leading corporations represent a much-needed ‘company-down’ innovation in our field. Watson Institute’s corporate partnerships solve for key challenges facing both students and employers by creating customized pathways that engage the corporate partner to inform a fellowship program that helps students to achieve their fullest potential, while also achieving the workforce development and community impact goals of the company.

Ryan CraigManaging Director of Achieve Partners