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Watson Mentor Program

Mentoring the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who believe they can change the world.

Mentorship for impact.

Mentorship is a pivotal aspect for personal growth, leadership development, and entrepreneurial success. For this reason, the Watson Mentor Program is a pillar of the Watson experience and a crucial element for the development of our students.

At Watson Institute, students are paired with proven local entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders based on how well they align with their mission and expertise. Mentors coach the students through their entrepreneurial journey and guide them to increase their impact by adding perspective, broadening their network, challenging their assumptions, and enhancing their worldview.


Mentors and students are paired based on how well they are aligned in mission. Starting with this alignment, mentors then challenge students’ assumptions and add perspective.


As proven entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders, mentors are able to use their experience to broaden the perspective of students and help them achieve the impact that they are aiming towards.


The relationships that students develop with their Watson mentors enhance their potential to lead a life of impact or launching their social ventures and projects.

The Watson Mentor Program includes incredible mentors like:

Lisa McAlister

Lisa is founder and Principal of With Good Cause, an agency that provides public relations campaign strategy and communications plans to corporate and non-profit clients. Her expertise includes community engagement, mission-driven campaigns, fundraising, media relations, project management and special programming promotion.

Momo Bertrand

Momo is currently a Digital Media Officer at ITCILO, a United Nations (UN) agency. Before joining the UN, he worked in digital marketing in Africa and North America. Momo has given three valedictorian speeches and written a novel on peace. He was born and raised in Cameroon.

Sarabeth Berk

Dr. Berk is a hybrid professional who also researches hybrid professional identity. She’s an author, TEDx speaker and was recognized by Colorado Inno as one of 50 “Inno on Fire” recipients, people who are doing incredibly innovative work. Sarabeth calls herself a creative disruptor because she blends her artist/researcher/educator/designer identities to lead and create innovation strategies that radically connect resources and people in new ways.

Ricky Aiken

Founder and Executive Director of Inner City Innovators, Ricky Aiken has made it his life’s mission to inspire and empower inner city youth to embody the change so desperately needed in their communities. Well known in West Palm Beach for his community activism, Aiken has found a way to use his life experiences and social capital to bring hope to his neighborhood and promote the value of resilience.

Alia Mahmoud

Alia runs the Leadership Development arm of Radical Partners, a social impact accelerator where she’s a powerful advisor to help leaders achieve their greatest potential. She is also co-founder and CEO of Fouta Harissa – a social enterprise that designs and manufactures high-quality, hand-loomed textiles that preserve artisanal weaving in Tunisia.

Mohit Mukherjee

Mohit is the founding Director of University for Peace (UPEACE) Centre for Executive Education. He’s also the co-founder of Changemaker International, providing intensive immersion experiences for students to discover their tremendous potential as global changemakers.

Julio Martinez

Julio was born and raised in Guatemala, where he has helped manage his family’s company, Ganorsa. During his time as operations manager, he was in direct contact with rural areas of Guatemala and other Central American countries. He is a member of the Enactus Guatemala Board of Directors and is a teacher at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

Cristina Rodriguez

Cristina Rodriguez is the President & Co-Founder at Mind&Melody, Inc. She is currently working on novel music programs at healthcare facilities, nursing homes, day centers, and assisted living facilities to improve the quality of life for individuals with and without neurological impairments like dementia. The program has been successfully implemented in over 40 healthcare facilities across Florida and they are continuing to expand.

Manfred Bauer

As Alterna’s Cultivation Director, Manfred takes care of the dynamics in the entrepreneur service, strengthening the ecosystem and the capabilities of those who want to tackle the social and environmental gaps that exist in the region, through disruptive business and investment models. Manfred has a vast professional trajectory in the region, with more than 10 years of experience in sustainability, innovation, and multilateral alliance development.

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