The mentors at Watson are the area’s foremost leaders and practitioners who work one-on-one with the scholars for the course of the semester. Each scholar is paired with two mentors relevant to their passions and challenges.

  • Jose Vieitez
    Co-founder, Boomtown Accelerator
    Jose is the Co-founder and co-director of Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, helping early stage startups grow and get funded. He is a Stanford graduate with a background in user experience design.
  • Sandra LaFleur
    Preceptor, South Florida
    Sandra heads the strategic implementation of Miami Dade College's social change initiatives through cross-campus collaboration and execution.
  • Neil Nordby
    Director of Finance,
    Neil is an entrepreneur with a successful exit, was the executive director of an educational non profit, and is currently the Director of Finance at a software startup in Boulder.
  • Megan Kerins
    Owner at Solar Stewards
    As a solar engineering consultant with a focus on emerging economies, Megan has a passion for bringing equity and diversity into the renewable energy sector.
  • Romain Vakilitabar
    Chief Artist at PathosVR
    Romain is focused on creating empathy-based cinematic virtual reality experiences to bridge the cultural gap and disrupt interpersonal oppression, discrimination, and misperceptions.
  • Ajume Wingo
    Associate Director, Center for Values and Social Policy at CU Boulder
    Ajume is a Cameroonian political and social philosopher who is an associate professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Lois Shannon
    Founder at The Woman's Network
    Lois has spent the last 5 years on an intensive path of self discovery in an attempt to understand and embody what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. After feeling a deep disconnection with herself and the world around her, Lois reconnected by coming together with other women who helped her remember and reclaim her worth. TWN was formed out of a yearning to connect with other women in a truly authentic way, and together rewrite the story of the feminine.
  • Kimberly Kosmenko
    Principal Consultant, Kosmenko & Co.
    An educator at heart, Kimberly founded Kosmenko & Co. to make sure people doing the world’s important work have the strategy, project execution know-how, and personal presence to be wildly successful.
  • Jeffrey Orrey
    Founder and CEO at GeoVisual Analytics
    Jeffrey is a Technical leader and business executive with a track record of executing on innovative projects. A successful lead executive for major technical initiatives with exceptional high performance team building and cross-cultural skills.
  • Jaclyn Freeman Hester
    Associate at Foundry Group Next
    Jaclyn focuses on investments, operations, platform, and legal review for FG Next. Prior to joining Foundry, she practiced law, advising clients on early stage finance, private equity, and M&A. While earning her JD/MBA at CU Boulder, Jaclyn served as Exec. Director of Startup Colorado, where she caught the “startup bug.” Between Red Rocks concerts and skiing the Rockies, she is thrilled to call Colorado home.
  • Jason Cormier
    Co-founder, Room 214, Inc
    Jason is a modern marketing agency owner who thrives on helping people and companies grow. I work with over 30 people within a digital marketing and social media agency I co-founded (Room 214) with James Clark over a decade ago to help companies connect with the people who matter most.
  • Mike O'Connor
    Divisional President at Pearl Izumi
    Mike helped to run a world leader in the manufacture of high-performance, high-tech sports apparel and footwear for avid cycling, tri, and running enthusiasts.
  • Heather Mackenzie
    Community Director, GenderAvenger
    Heather possesses a winning blend of leadership, management, client service, and communications acumen. She also serves as a valuable resource and advisor to founders and CEOs across multiple verticals.
  • Leslie Glustrom
    Founding Member, Clean Energy Action
    When not doing biochemistry, Leslie spends a lot of time outdoors and works hard to defend life at the ecosystem level. She has spent several decades working at the interface between science and society as a science writer, policy analyst, teacher and lab tech. Working on climate change, clean energy and other environmental issues is a passion of hers, for which she has won several awards.
  • Geri Mitchell-Brown
    Faculty Instructor, CU Boulder
    Geri's purpose is to work with small to medium businesses to align their social mission with their business purpose, creating a "social investment portfolio" that leverages their core capabilities, people, products, and services.
  • Brian Lichtenheld
    Advisor and Impact Specialist, BSW Wealth Partners
    Brian is an enthusiastic supporter of business as a force for good, and dedicated to the mantra 'live a life of cheerful service'. His passion is helping co-workers, clients and the community.
  • Ben Patwa
    Founder & CEO, Coeur Values
    Ben is a visionary and creative entrepreneur who helps position Experts, Speakers, Coaches and Trainers as the go to people in their field through effective and captivating communication.
  • Barbara Bauer
    Director, Women's Investor Network (WIN) at Rockies Venture Club
    Barbara is an experienced executive with large and small organizations, now working directly with entrepreneurs and angel investors. Experienced international leader
  • Andy Thornton
    COO at Organic Animal Nutrition
    Andy is the COO of Organic Animal Nutrition focusing on plant nutrients and fat sources for the organic farming of cows, chickens, pigs, and aquaculture.
  • Verity Noble
    COO, Simple Startup
    Verity co-founded Simple Startup, which helps entrepreneurs simplify their finances, understand the numbers and make smart, informed business decisions.
  • Trish Rogers
    Partner, Moye White LLP
    Trish is a Partner at Moye White LLP, a Certified B Corp. law firm, and has over 17 years of experience working with entrepreneurial companies in diverse industries.
  • Scott Coe
    President, Cultivator
    Scott is the President of an ad agency called Cultivator. He's worked with incredible clients ranging from New Belgium Brewery, to Chipotle, to Chaco.
  • Sabrina Sideris
    Program Director, INVST
    Sabrina has been the Program Director of INVST since August 2007. Sabrina’s professional purpose is to help young adults come to life as conscientious, concerned citizens.
  • Rustin Coburn
    Director of Marketing, Chewse
    Rustin is an adventurer and adrenaline junkie who has built several successful organizations - from a clothing line, to a marketing firm, and most recently an awesome coffee shop in downtown Denver.
  • Rich Frankenheimer
    Partner, AVL Growth Partners
    Rich is a seasoned entrepreneur and CFO, with over 25 years of finance and operations experience.
  • Praful Shah
    Chairman: Advisory Board, Principium Investments
    Praful is a thirty year biotech and pharma-executive. He is an entrepreneur and private investor focused on social impact companies. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Rockies Venture Club.
  • Micah Mador
    Engagement Manager, Foundry Group
    Micah is currently with the Foundry Group and was previously an Associate with Techstars.
  • Micah Guard-Levin
    Business Development, Liberty Global
    Micah currently serve as Manager of Business Development at Liberty Global, with a focus on digital entertainment, Internet of Things, big data, Millennials, and consumer experience.
  • Madeline Gonzalez Allen
    Consultant, IBM
    Madeline is an IBM Consultant, Fellow at the University of Colorado Sustainability Innovation Lab (SILC), and published author.
  • Lanai Bayne
    VP of Business Development, SEP
    Lanai is a business development guru. He's a world traveler and avid under-water adventurer and has helped his software company, SEP, grow tremendously as VP of Business Development.
  • Kurt Achtenhagen
    Director of Finance & Operations, LNTC
    Kurt is the Director of Finance and Operations at Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.
  • Kate Roeske-Zummer
    Co-founder, Step Up Leadership
    Kate is an executive coach who has coached many Silicon Valley based companies as founder of Step Up Leadership. She started her career at Ogilvy, the world's biggest advertisement agency where she rose to Senior Director of Strategic Planning.
  • Josh Horwitz
    Co-founder, PasswordPing
    Josh is an entrepreneur and software executive with twenty years experience in both technology and marketing positions for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Jesse Lawrence
    Founder, Boulder BITS
    Jesse founded Boulder BITS – Colorado’s Startup Studio – to build companies and work with entrepreneurs. At Boulder Bits, he identifies and validates untapped business opportunities.
  • Jason Peuquet
    Senior Economist, CPUC
    Jason Peuquet is a Senior Economist with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, where he focuses on energy policy and economic analysis.
  • Hannah Davis
    Program Director, MergeLane
    Working at an incubator, Hannah is passionate about supporting women in business, startups, environmental sustainability, leadership development and outdoor activities.
  • Gary Dixon
    President, The Foundation for a Better Life
    Foundation for a Better Life has put together some of the world's most thought provoking billboards and ads focused on spreading good values (
  • Galen Bernard
    Founder, Courage Club
    With Courage Club’s trainings, coaching, and community, Galen gets people taking action through fear. As executive director of New Leaf Initiative, he helped State College, PA, become one of Entrepreneur magazine’s best U.S. cities.
  • Eben Johnson
    Founder, QZetta, Inc
    Eben is an expert on non-traditional power such as hydrogen fuel cells. He's all about preserving nature and is a business and marketing guru who works at the University of Colorado.
  • Dita Hutchinson
    Partner, SVP Boulder County
    Dita is a Board Director of Summit Middle School and is currently also working as Partner in the Social Venture Partners Boulder County.
  • Dave Harris
    Director of Operations, RVC
    Dave Harris is the Director of Operations for Rockies Venture Club (RVC), the longest running angel investor group in the US. Rockies Venture Club a non-profit organization furthering economic development in Colorado by connecting investors and entrepreneurs through conferences
  • Courtney Walsh
    Publicist, The Kitchen
    Courtney is a PR expert who has helped The Kitchen become one of the most successful fresh farm to table restaurants.
  • Cheryl Gordon
    Founding Partner, The Level Market
    Cheryl ‘s 30-year career in communications spans many fields including consumer electronics and internet startups.
  • Charlie Kuhn
    Co-Founder, Cultures of Dignity
    Charlie is the co-founder of Cultures of Dignity and had been working on developing curriculum that empowers students & educators to stand up for what matters.
  • Brandon Reed
    Associate Strategist, Sterling-Rice Group
    Brandon is an associate strategist on the innovation team at the Sterling-Rice Group in Boulder. He was special advisor to strategic council at The Good to Great Project.
  • Annie Peuquet
    Director of Partnerships, Envoys
    Annie is a recently introduced changemaker to Colorado, who just got her Masters of Education at Harvard, and now serves as School Partnerships Manager at Envoys which helps schools reach their highest global education goals.
  • Andy Brown
    Founder, Curiosity Labs
    Andy is the founder of Curiosity Labs and specializes in design thinking and rapid prototyping.
  • Andrew Larson
    CEO, Gustave A. Larson Company
    Andrew Larson is Chairman and CEO of Gustave A. Larson Company, an international company which sells Wholesale Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Products.
  • Amy Rosenblum
    Founder, Cultivation-Center
    Amy is a non-profit expert who works and consults with many social enterprises and non-profit leaders through a center she created called the Cultivation-Center.
  • Allison Conte
    Coach, BetterUp
    Allison supports leaders, teams and organizations who are committed to being a force for Good and are ready to grow to the next level of maturity in service of a higher purpose.
  • Laura Deluca
    Professor, CU Boulder
    Laura DeLuca, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor Adjunct in Anthropology at CU. She has also worked as an Assistant Professor of Environmental and Peace Studies at Naropa University where she taught social entrepreneurship.
  • Charles Ince
    Partnerships, Twitter
    Charles Ince has been managing Partnerships at Twitter since 2014 after Twitter acquired GNIP, where he served as Strategic Account Manager.
  • Ted Stolberg
    Founder, Beanstalk Foundation
    Ted has 40+ years of experience in finance, first as VP Corporate Finance for Mergers & Acquisitions at First Boston Corporation (1972 – 1980), then as a Partner at Weiss, Peck & Greer (1981 – 1993), and as Founder of Stolberg Equity Partners (1993 – 2013).
  • Anthony Moorhouse
    Founder & Director of Strategy, Dynamiq
    Anthony is an experienced business leader who specializes in entrepreneurialism, organizational leadership, crisis management and fast growth start-ups. Dynamiq is an Emergency Management company with global reach.
  • Ron Billingsley
    Professor, CU Boulder
    While at CU, Ron has taught thirty-six different courses offered in six different programs and departments. Twenty four of those courses were of his own design. He specializes in Literature and Education.
  • Sue Kunz
    CEO, Avenir International
    Sue is the CEO of Avenir International, Inc. She is responsible for corporate vision, strategy, execution and capitalization. Avenir is Sue’s fifth startup, four of which she led.
  • Don Scott
    Founder, Growthx2
    Don built and ran a trust company and worked as a registered investment advisor operations for 15 years. Growthx2 is a wealth consultancy and was developed in 2015.
  • Blake Redson
    Director of Sales, RoundPegg
    Blake spreads the RoundPegg gospel as Director of Sales by helping organizations understand the benefits of a well aligned company culture and the necessary steps to get there.
  • Heidi Cuppari
    Co-founder, Dream Tank
    Heidi Cuppari is a meta-leader in sustainable finance, impact investing, and women’s leadership. She recently launched Dream Tank, an accelerator for kid entrepreneurs.