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Patrick Mateer


He cofounded Seal the Seasons Produce (SSP), a value added local frozen produce company, seven months ago when his cofounder came to him concerned about farm food waste levels. SSP takes advantage of grade B “farm waste”, but fixes its blemishes, mixes it with grade A produce, and flash freezes it to drastically increase shelf life while preserving nutrition. They are then able to affordably sell retail packages in corner stores located in food deserts. This provides a cheap, local, nutritious option near homes that suffer from food insecurity, therefore eliminating two of the largest barriers to healthy eating: cost and transportation.

“nil mortalibus ardui est : for mortals nothing is impossible" – Latin proverb


miles motorcycled to Boulder


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Protect your courage

After wondering why it is not possible to purchase local, frozen foods, Patrick started Seal the Seasons, which partners with local farmers to produce and sell local, frozen fruits and vegetables. At Watson, Patrick built his first flash freezer, iterated his products and partnerships, and partnered with a local grocery store. By the beginning of 2016, Seal the Seasons was selling in 25 stores. 12 months later, Seal the Seasons was selling in 500 stores with contracts in several hundred more. Today, Seal the Seasons sells locally grown North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina frozen fruits and vegetables and works with 900 grocery locations and over 30 farmers. Patrick has built a strong team and raised over $1 MM in aggregate funding.