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Makalya Brown


Kayla is are working to teach effective communication skills through creative writing to middle school students and corporate employees through her business, Inguz. By providing individuals with the skill set to be successful communicators, they will be able to effectively communicate their feelings and opinions in a productive manner to solve problems before they are created. Inguz believes that miscommunication is the leading cause of conflict which drives us to change the way people interact with each other.

My Motto: "Don't have dreams make plans."


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A bit about Makayla

Kayla Brown moved from San Marcos, Texas to attend Watson in hopes of turning her passion into a profession. Kayla has written two books in the last two years, Awk-Word and All Bard No Bite. She loves working with local businesses to better serve the community. In her hometown, she dedicated many of her days either volunteering or assisting businesses reach their community goals. Kayla is politically active and loved helping with the mayoral election in San Marcos, Texas. This fueled her love for politics and inspired her goal of being the first woman president of the United States of America.