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Madison Browning


Mission: to develop a zero-waste grocery store.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” –Thich Nhai Hanh


percent of the World’s Population resides in the United States.


percent of the World’s waste is produced by the United States.


percent of the waste is due to containers and packaging.

Protect your courage

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest adventure, entrepreneurism and sustainability have been at the core of Madison’s life. After successfully launching two projects focused on sustainability and women’s health in both rural Kenya and Costa Rica Madison’s now beginning a new adventure. Three years ago she had an idea while traveling through India about trash (the overwhelming abundance of it throughout the world), packaging (the unnecessary and unsustainable practice of it), and grocery stores (a root cause of for packaging to thrive and trash to exist). Over the years those annoyances developed into an idea that has been at the center of her thoughts, doodles, and passion talk. Madison is now humbled to have the opportunity to work closely with creative minds and further develop my zero waste grocery store at Watson University, a change makers incubator of 20 students.