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Chenxi Ou Yang


Chenxi studies film & psychology at Boston University. She has a tremendous passion for storytelling and believes in its magic to bring social change. She co-created Bright and Beautiful Girl Project with Juliet Zheng to preserve Chinese traditional handicrafts and help girls in rural China unleash their potential through storytelling and filmmaking.

"Protect your courage" -ERIC GLUSTROM

Protect your courage

Before encountering Unreasonable institute and her business major shipmate Juliet Zheng on Semester at Sea, Chenxi didn’t know what “social entrepreneurship” meant. Her passions are filmmaking, learning and building connections with people and the world. Inspired by Girl Effect and Half the Sky documentary, Chenxi and Juliet came up with the idea for Bright and Beautiful Girl Project when they were brainstorming for a friend’s pitch. The two saw it as a sign and determined to carry it on.

Bright and Beautiful gives voice to Chinese handicrafts by filming the stories behind and attach them to the products via a QR code. The project aims to preserve Chinese traditional handiwork and transmit creativity and leadership through acting, storytelling and filmmaking to girls in rural China.