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Alex Jeffery


Alex is currently 19 and has been involved in starting and running social initiatives and organisations since the age of 13. He's currently on a mission to create the most progressive community of our generation to solve grand challenges and push exciting frontiers!

Protect your courage

On a mission to bring our generation ALIVE and TOGETHER, Alex Jeffery has been involved in social enterprise since the age of 13. At age 11 he set himself the goal of being “the one to make THE biggest difference in the world…EVER!” He believes business and sustainable social enterprise is the most effective way to create the change we need to see in our world. At age 13 he started up an online store selling guitar accessories and raising funds for the Australian Orangutang Project. He then set up an online charity auctioning website to enable people to sell for charity. Next was a social clothing company spreading inspiring messages on fair-trade clothing, also based on the One-for-One model. Through this Alex was able to clothe 600 of Melbourne’s homeless youth in one night!

Having learnt many lessons from these ventures and found his true passion and calling, Alex is now focusing ALL of his energy on creating our generation’s most progressive community of mission-driven people and organisations to solve our grandest challenges, push exciting frontiers, and have a great time doing it!