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 Social Impact and Entrepreneurship B.S.

Watson Institute at Lynn University

Anabel Vargas

Law / Social Justice

Initial major: Political Science

Robbie Davidson

Sustainability / Tourism

Initial major: Social Impact
and Entrepreneurship

Creating a conversation about the inequalities within male dominated professions specifically the legal field and how changing stereotypes and policy reform can empower women to advocate for themselves and equal treatment.
Offer an opportunity for participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the social enterprise sector and its potential for positive change in Uganda and South Africa while networking with like-minded people.

Nabiya Pitts

Sustainable Fashion

Initial major: Fashion and Retail

Tonya George

Health / Wellness

Initial major: Advertising and PR

Building communities where we promote, use, and educate others on sustainable fashion.
Passionate about holistic health, wellness and living a sustainable life.

Isaiah Jarvis

Entrepreneurship / Leadership

Initial major: Entrepreneurship

Mykel Bailey

Sustainable Development

Initial major: Social Impact
and Entrepreneurship

Provide more accessible resources and opportunities for Caribbean students to pursue tertiary education through mentorship.
To create and identify solutions to provide low cost rental and affordable home solutions for low income individuals while eradicating homelessness.

Arianna Resnick

Mental Health / Psychology

Initial major: Social Impact
and Entrepreneurship

Julia Vacala

Sustainable Fashion

Initial major: Fashion and Retail

Explore human psychology and development and creating resources for adolescents struggling with mental health issues.
To develop and create handcrafted reused products through ethical practices while spreading awareness on clothing waste

Cinthia Campos

Graphic Design

Initial major: Graphic Design

Melissa Quiceno

Healthcare / Int. Relations

Initial major: Social Impact
and Entrepreneurship

Amplify the voice of purpose-driven companies by developing brand strategies and visual identities that allow them to tell their stories: building support, engaging the community, and scaling impact.
Helping undocumented immigrants in the United States gain access to healthcare through knowledge and resources.
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