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In partnership with leading corporations, Watson Institute powers a transformative Career Accelerator Fellowship that provides job placement and career growth opportunities to highly promising job seekers.

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An Impactful Fellowship Program Built for Job Seekers

The Career Accelerator Fellowship is a job placement and career development  fellowship tailored for ambitious rising talent seeking leadership track roles in Colorado. We empower you to pursue in your career goals and navigate the competitive landscape of finding a job with confidence and competence. We match our candidates to leadership-track roles that offer stability and  financial growth and unlock long-term career opportunities for a lifetime of impact.

The Career Accelerator Fellowship offers:

Job Matching & Placement Support

Through our intensive assessment process, we pinpoint your strengths, refine your job application materials, and position you for leadership track roles. You join our talent pool and we match you to aligned opportunities.

Career Stability & Financial Growth

We provide customized coaching throughout your first 8 months of the job and support your career growth trajectory. Through our coaching program and support, you create learning and career goals that we help hold you accountable to

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Expert-Led Workshops & Skill Building

You receive skill-based training in sought after skills and qualifications aimed at equipping you to overcome common workplace challenges and unleash your long-term career potential. All sessions are developed and facilitated by subject-matter experts.

Registered Apprenticeship Pathway

You have the option to pursue the Fellowship as a Registered Apprentice which will result in a nationally recognized certificate and credential verifying your participation in this experience.

Career Accelerator Fellowship Partners

Some of the roles available through Watson Institute Career Accelerator Fellowship are approved as Registered Apprenticeships and Watson Institute participates as the Related Instruction provider. These career path/positions are registered with the Department of Labor and align with industry standards, competencies, and overall culture. Learn more here.

This fellowship experience is two-fold, equipping candidates with the essential tools needed to secure  and thrive in a new career.

We streamline the job application process.

By conducting personalized career assessment and coaching sessions, we are able to match qualified candidates with suitable job opportunities through our growing employer partners in Colorado.

Francisco Javier Valencia
Tara Levy

We support professional growth and success after job placement.

After job placement, applicants begin their full-time roles through our partners. At the same time, they begin an 8-month career development fellowship that provides access to a wealth of career development resources, including one-on-one coaching and career relevant skills-based workshops.

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Watson Institute is a place where rising entrepreneurs and leaders can find their community, discover their calling, and accelerate their careers. In partnership with leading corporations and foundations, Watson Institute powers Fellowships to support highly promising, historically disenfranchised rising entrepreneurs and leaders. The Career Accelerator Fellowship provides award-winning leadership skills training, dedicated coaching, long-term Alumni support, and access to a global community of peers, mentors, and opportunities.