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Kim White wrote about his experience at Watson Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

At the end of the fourth week of classes at The Watson Institute I have to pause and reflect how time is a weird substance. Four weeks have flown by but the experience has felt like a four-month journey. I’m sure some of you might be curious about exactly what I’m up to after crowdfunding my way to get here, but I think I wouldn’t do justice to try and explain it all. And if you’re thinking of starting your own social enterprise I really think the only solution would be for you to apply to come and experience it yourself. It might be a bit premature for me to make claims that it’ll change your life, so in spite of what I literally just said two sentences ago, I’ll still try explain the three things that have made the experience great so far to try to inspire you to put in an application before October 15.


First and foremost the people you meet make coming all the way here worth it. This ranges from the people at Watson, to the mentors we all get assigned, to the people of the incredible city of Boulder where we are based.

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