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Meet the 2024 Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellows

Magdaly Santillanez, 2024 Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellow

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Aldo Medina

Ticket for Change Mexico | Mexico City, Mexico

Ticket for Change Mexico empowers change-makers with the potential to transform the world. Their programs cater to social/environmental entrepreneurs, corporate change agents, and those in professional transition. The venture employs a threefold approach: inspiration to merge economic, social, and environmental success; introspection to pinpoint skills and desired impact; and action to drive transformation. The venture’s offerings fuse personal aspirations with global challenges through inner and outer explorations, fostering enduring support communities via tailored training and mentorship.

Ticket for Change has reached 130,000 individuals worldwide over the past 9 years and is currently developing a domestic branch in Mexico, as well.

Ana Evelyn Vásquez Pérez

Yipi | Guadelajara, Mexico

Evelyn grew up with divorced parents who lived more than three hours a part from one another via public transportation. The experience of spending so much time commuting from one home to another inspired Evelyn to build a company that provides short-distance (5 km or less), sustainable transportation to shorten commute times in urban areas. Yipi is a tech-based company that utilizes low-speed electric vehicles called quadricycles to provide affordable, safe, and emissions free transportation.

Yipi has transported more than 100,000 users since their pilot test in Zapopan, Jalisco and now Ana is seeking the training and network to expand.

Yipi has won awards from Startup Building Santander (2023), Heineken Green Challenge (2022), InchTech and Social Impact by Siemens Energy Mexico (2022), GIZ Mexico (2022), and Santander X (20211). Additionally, the Business Advisory Council of Jalisco passed Evelyn’s policy of “Sustainable Minimobility.” into law that requires any transportation of less than 5km to be zero emissions.

Arturo Fenton

Becarius | Mexico & Latin America

Arturo is a robotics engineer and an entrepreneur from Mexico. He studied at Tecnologico de Monterrey, where he created Gestorsolar, a software that helps solar companies manage their projects. Gestorsolar earned him recognition as one of the 15 innovative leaders in Mexico by AT&T, New Ventures, and The Center @ MIT. In 2021, he started Becarius, an initiative that aims to increase the representation of Latino students in international education. Becarius uses social media, which has reached over 300 million users by sharing information about scholarships and opportunities abroad, guidance, and mentorship for applicants.

Arturo plans to expand Becarius with English teaching and learning technologies, and he is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway.

Carla Rivero

El Cuyo es Tuyo | Merida, Mexico

Carla is an entrepreneur and former employee at Ashoka, an association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Carla’s first venture – Bravura – provides training to early-stage entrepreneurs who have an idea and need support to turn that idea into a prototype. Carla founded Bravura in 2021 and has recently incorporated an additional project into the venture called El Cuyo es Tuyo. El Cuyo es Tuyo is a community-based, multi-sector intervention focused on building a sustainable waste management system. The project is named after a small fishing town in the heart of Reserva de la Biosfera de Rio Lagartos that burns its waste out in the open.

Within one year of operating, El Cuyo es Tuyo has collected and recycled 2.6 tons of waste, engaged 30% of the town’s of the population in their activities, and established 22 waste collection centers.

Humberto González

abierTTo | Mexico City, Mexico

abierTTo is a community that aims to democratize technology access, fostering entrepreneurship and driving extensive digital adoption among micro and nano businesses—the backbone of Latin America’s economy. Embracing a “collaborative digital sales model,” they foster neighborhood interactions, enabling sustainable growth for local businesses. Through this model, neighbors can initiate and expand their enterprises, forming a self- sustaining ecosystem. abierTTo is currently run by a team of four individuals and has a functional MVP available for download on major operating systems including iOS, Android, and Huawei.

The venture currently supports over 850 businesses across 6 Latin American countries, and has been downloaded by more than 12 thousand users.

Karim Guillen Libien

Rearvora | Mexico City, Mexico

Karime is a green-biotech by profession, entrepreneur by vocation, innovator and changemaker by passion. She is a frequent speaker and advisor on Sustainable STEAM entrepreneurship and Vice-Curator of Global Shapers in Mexico City where she met two Pioneer Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellows: Jose Joaquin and Jimena Silva.

Karime founded Rearvora to reinvent fully Sustainable circular personal care and cosmetic products out of organic waste. Rearvora ́s products are chemical and cruelty free, incorporate biotech innovation with ancestral practices into the development of the products, focusing in the tourism industry to transform their own organic waste into their own products for the guests.

Since its inception in January of 2023, Rearvora has transformed mora than 50kg of organic waste, raised over $15KUSD, has been recognized by POSIBLE Fundación Televisa, a prominent Foundation in Mexico City, as one of the top 28 best ideas of 2023, and currently supplies their products to 4 hotels, 1 spa, and 1 hospital.

Magdaly Santillanez

Hacking Money | Mexico City, Mexico

Hacking Money aims to teach women about financial literacy through a learning platform and basic coding tools in order to close two main gender gaps: financial inclusion and access to STEM tools. Magdaly has been an advocate for women empowerment through financial literacy from an early age; at 15, she founded a microcredit program for 20 women in her local community. She later obtained a full ride scholarship for studying Economics at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico City and became the first member of her family to attend university. Magdaly’s academic career thus far has focused on several research projects on financial inclusion through machine learning techniques for credit score ratings as well as corporate credit ratings. In addition, she is a member of Global Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, where she volunteers as the financial lead.

Hacking Money has an Instagram account called FinancieraaMente, where financial literacy content is shared. The account has roughly c3 thousand followers and the content has reached over 50 thousand people. Additionally, the venture’s first course on financial literacy was launched in July 2023 and over 100 people have already signed up in order to have access to the material content.

Marian Myers

MazLocal | Mazatlán, Mexico

Marian was born in Omaha, Nebraska to a Mexican mother and African American father. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and a citizen of both countries. After living in Sinaloa for five years, Marian realized there were many Black expats living in the area, but there were very few resources to support them to integrate into the local community and culture. For these reasons, Marian founded MazLocal.

MazLocal encourages individuals to move to Sinaloa and to purchase local goods and products produced in the region. MazLocal is committed to addressing the negative stereotypes about the state being unsafe by highlighting how cultural diverse and rich the area is.

To date, MazLocal has produced 300 videos featuring local businesses in Sinaloa.

Paulina Perea

Dos California’s Brewsters | Tijuana, Mexico

Paulina founded Dos California’s Brewsters to connect women from different backgrounds on both sides of the border over craft beer. The group actively fundraises to provide scholarships for women from low- income backgrounds to attend university.
Paulina is also an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Autonomous University of Baja California. She has worked in the craft beer industry since 2017 and has received numerous awards, including from the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs in 2021,the Young Leaders of America International, and International Visitors Leadership Program for Women.

Samuel Meschoulam

SMS Consultores | Mexico City, Mexico

SMS Consultores is social impact venture focused on inclusive public policies with a human rights perspective. They work across the public and private sectors to prioritize basic human rights, as elucidated by the Declaration of Human Rights, and their core activities include research, advocacy, and promoting ethical business practices. This builds trust, reduces risks, and fosters an ethical business environment aligned with broader rights-based goals.

This approach advances social justice by bridging disparities in access to vital resources and promoting government accountability. By aligning policies with global human rights standards, it fosters a culture of human rights, prevents conflicts, and fosters a fairer, more inclusive society that enhances overall well-being and prosperity.

To date, the venture has raised half a million USD in funding, enabling them to collaborate with 3 states, 5 cities, and 5 congresspeople across Mexico, influencing policy development with a human rights perspective. SMS Consultores is currently