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Meet the 2023 Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellows


Laura Trejo, 2023 Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellow

Generously sponsored by the Luff Family, Jane McConnell, and TJ Heyman

Regina Reyes | Pachuca

Regina Reyes is the Founder of ‘Yo por mi planeta‘, an online community focused on promoting environmentally sustainable practices. Yo por mi planeta, which translates to ‘Me for my planet’, has 41,000 members from across Mexico. The venture recently opened an online store where they sell eco-friendly hygiene products. To date, the online store has served over 100 customers and partners with distributors in Cancún and Zapopan.

José Manuel Reyes Fernández | Guadalajara

José Manuel is the Founder and Director of SOCA Exchange, a clothing exchange platform with a mission to professionalize the second-hand clothing industry and revolutionize consumer behavior towards the acquisition of recycled garments. SOCA aims to generate a conscious and fun virtual shopping experience for customers while creating a positive direct impact on the environment and society.

Laura Melendrez | Mexico City

Laura Melendez is the Founder of Amor & Rosas, an ethical fashion brand that bridges modern designs with hand embroidery and eco-friendly materials. The brand provides well-paid employment opportunities for women who come from underprivileged backgrounds. They currently partner with 55 indigenous artisans across Mexico who supply hand embroidery, and they employ 40 women in Mexico City to design and manufacture their products. Amor & Rosas holds two storefronts in Mexico City and offers wholesale to ten boutiques across Mexico.

Carlos Saucedo | Monterrey

Carlos Saucedo is the Founder of Labgo, a platform that promotes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education through hands-on and digital learning experiences. In partnership with corporates, NGOs, and government entities, Labgo has trained over 300 students to date through their online courses and in-person boot camps.

Martin Morales Trejo | Querétaro

Martín Morales is the Founder of a non-profit civil association that provides STEM educational activities and programs. The association introduces high school students to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. Through workshops and conferences, students are trained to identify and develop solutions to problems within their communities using knowledge of STEM to create sustainable impact. To date, the association has served over 2000 students across middle school, high school, and university levels.

Walter Mata | Monterrey

Walter Mata is the Founder of WAS Company. WAS Company transforms plastic waste to create new polymer composites with high adaptability properties and characteristics to fulfill structural and non-structural building materials. The materials are used to build social housing, schools, medical clinics, and soccer stadiums. The technology has been tested and approved in both laboratories and the field and sales are currently growing at 200%.

Tania Naanous Rayek | Mexico City

Tania Naanous is Founder of Lentes Púrpura which is an NGO created in response to the crisis of violence against women and gender stigmatization in Mexico. Lentes Púrpura works across three axes in combatting Gender-Based Violence (GBV): 1) prevention of GBV through collaboration with partners that provide gender perspective education; 2) psychological, legal, and medical support for GBV survivor; 3) programs for GBV survivors that provides them with the tools they need to undertake re-entry to society.

José Joaquín Eguía Vélez | Mexico City

José Joaquín is the Founder of Diversity, which is a digital platform that acts as a bridge between the LGBTIQ+ community and existing information, institutions, opportunities, and physical spaces that support these individuals. Diversity aims to close the inequality gap for members of the LGBTIQ+ community. The organization focuses on issues of education, employability, and activities that allow for holistic development.

Marbella Irais Ledesma Cardenas | State of Mexico

Marbella Irais is the Founder of EduXMet, an initiative that aims to resolve education inequality for individuals with disabilities, learning differences, and Neurodiversity. To date, EduXMet has hosted two campaigns that brought together over 150 people to discuss and learn about quality education and inclusion for vulnerable and underrepresented populations.

Emilio Sandoval Hernández | Mexico City

Emilio Sandoval is the Founder of Makoa. Makoa is a food delivery app focused on healthy and homemade meals. For consumers, Makoa offers an alternative option to other food delivery services that primarily cater to fast food and chain restaurants. For producers, Makoa offers an opportunity for individuals and amateur cooks to create their own business opportunities and sell their homemade goods.

Elda Jimena Silva Pastrana | Mexico City

Elda Jimena holds a Master’s Degree in Integrated Water Management and has worked for various international food supply chains as an Environmental Specialist. Since 2011, Edla has been volunteering in Xochimilco, a community in southern Mexico City, helping the locals regenerate and protect their wetlands and educating them in sustainable agriculture methods. Elda has recently launched a program to train women on how to farm in an effort to reduce the gender inequality gap.