Watson Incubator Application

Venture Founder

We at Watson are gritty idealists. We are gritty enough to transform our words into action in the face of adversity. We are idealistic enough to believe in a better, more sustainable and equitable future. If you are a young gritty idealist ready to take this leap of faith, we’re glad you made it to this application. This program is for you.
This application is for the Venture Founder track of the Watson Incubator in Boulder, Colorado.
The deadline to apply to the Fall 2020 Watson Incubator is April 15th, 2020.
Please contact Isabel Walker, Director of Admission, at isabel@watson.is with any questions you have about the application process.
Know that you can save and return at any time (see “save and continue later” note at the bottom of the application, so you do not have to complete it in one sitting.
  • Section 1: Tell us about yourself

  • No spaces, dashes, or parentheses
  • Watson Institute does not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or background.
  • Please only select programs/schools if you been a part of them. We will verify this information with each program to assess "Maverick Partner" scholarship eligibility. To select more than one, hold down the "command" button on macs, and the "control" button on windows.
  • Section II: Tell us about your educational background

  • High school, university, vocational school, community college etc
  • High school, university, vocational school, community college etc
  • High school, university, vocational school, community college etc
  • Section III: Tell us what drives you

  • There are hundreds of social issues to tackle, but please just choose one, and please be specific. (Suggested length: 250-500 words).
  • What events, relationships and circumstances in your life have driven you to seek solutions to this problem? Please be specific. (Suggested length: 250-500 words).
  • Section IV: What is your idea for social change?

    Applicants must submit a project/venture - it can be a well thought-out idea, a project, or a fully launched business/organization.
  • Briefly describe your social project/venture. Our definition of a social venture is an organization or company created to solve a significant social, environmental, or economic problem. (Suggested length: 250-500 words).
  • Describe your progress to date on your venture or venture idea. (For example: Have you had related course work? Have you presented at any competitions? Do you have a team? Have you raised any money?) Please be specific. (Suggested length: 250-500 words).
  • Please submit a SHARED/PUBLIC link to ONE of the following: A) Pitch Deck B) Business Plan or C) Lean Model Canvas (you can easily create one at https://canvanizer.com/new/lean-canvas) Note: Chose the one document you think best outlines your venture so that we can best understand it. Do not upload more than one.
  • Please submit a SHARED/PUBLIC link to you answering the following in video form in 60 seconds or less: "There are many ways to approach a social issue, but to be able to be successful as a social entrepreneur, you need to bring something unique to the table. In what way is your approach to the social/environmental problem innovative?" Upload this video to Youtube, Vimeo, or Google Drive (in all cases, make sure it is viewable to the public) and please include the link below
  • These can be your venture website, personal linkedin, venture facebook page, venture twitter page, a personal blog, an article about you, a competition you participated in, or anything that helps us understand you and your project better.
  • Please list 1-3 relevant programs or extracurricular activities that you have been a part of related to: (A) leadership (B) social change education (C) social entrepreneurship or (D) global citizenship