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Aditya grew up seeing the impact of education as well as the lack of it at close quarters. After a master’s degree in economics, he studied Chartered Accountancy and Business Management. His family roots go back to rural India and in his lifetime he has witnessed the effect of a differential education, as some members of his family, including cousins, were deprived of an education due to poverty. Seeing the difference between careers and futures ensured by education and those hampered by the lack of it have been critical to his perspective. Aditya worked in the corporate sector for well over a decade with multinational clients in India and the U.K. but found his calling in the development sector in the field of education. He joined a premier education nonprofit in Gujarat, Pratham, where he worked as Program Director for five years. Aditya’s idea took shape due to the strong impression left on him by the integrity and dynamism of one local school principal in India. His vision was to take forward what he saw by building an enabling system that could become a model for education leadership across government schools in India. These are the schools that cater to the poor and the marginalized who do not have access to optional educational opportunities available to the more privileged. Aditya aims to demonstrate how the public education system can be made to work by turning it around, reviving the faith of people in it, and thus opening a door to quality education for children that can help them escape poverty.