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Nzambi Matee


Nzambi is the founder and CEO of Gjenge Makers Ltd:
Gjenge Makers is a social enterprise whose aim is to address the prevailing issues of waste pollution by recycling and upcycling plastics to strong and beautiful construction materials e.g. paving blocks, paving tiles, hatch and manhole covers. Using their other wing, Gjenge Enterprise, they collect waste plastics and also buy from garbage collectors, women and youth groups. Gjenge then uses several technologies to mix the recycled plastic with sand and form a mixture which we shape into various products.
In addition to using blockchain technology to streamlining the collection, recycling and upcycling of the waste plastic.

"Maisha ni vile utaiishi,ishi kwa furaha maisha itakuwa furaha (life is how you live it if you live with happiness life will be happy " by my grandmother, Salome Nzambi


european countries travelled to ,in 5 weeks


kilometers walk every day in Nairobi,Kenya


different towns in Kenya lived in

A bit about Nzambi

Nzambi is a self motivated and driven individual whose aim is to positively impact the world through various solutions build around science, engineering and arts. Her purpose is to build solutions for today’s problem with the focus of Africa as a continent and people.