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Marcela Fernandez


Marcela Fernandez has lived in 7 counties and seen natural disasters like typhoon Yolonda and the human tragedies of war alike. She’s on a journey to live out and prove that non-traditional educational paths can be viable options for young people by creating her career as a Flow Consultant.
She is passionate about making the world better by creating a transformative education project called On Board, a mobile outdoor classroom where communities learn, travel, and leave and impact in the communities they visit. She is also creating a gap year documentary on alternative educational groups.

"You may say I am a Dreamer, but I am not the only one".


countries visited


languages learned


universities in three different cities

Protect your courage

A journeyer and self-learner, Marcela dropped out of university and took an alternative education path using the world as her classroom and several projects as navigational points of reference. This is where Watson University and her are going to meet in her life story.

Marcela Fernández was born in Colombia but has lived in 7 countries. Although she speaks 6 languages already she wants to learn the language of humanity – a life long mission. Right now, she’s creating a documentary called EduAction ( in which she interviews students, professors, parents and founders of many alternative education projects. By bringing awareness to the growing number of options for alternative learning, she intends to make clear that following your own educational path is a valid and reasonable choice.

This is the reason way Marcela has become a Flow Consultant, by giving workshops and attending people in a life crisis o transition she wants to serve as best as she can to help people engage with their deepest dream and life meaning.

With her trust in humanity and thirst to learn more she’s willing to create a tangible impact in the world she lives in by inspiring people to live in their zone of flow and Creating a transformational education project in which people can learn, travel and leave an impact in the communities they visit with On Board, a mobile outdoor classroom.