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Claire Fleming

Claire Fleming


Lay of the Land crafts 3D wooden maps that depict land topography. We care about human sentiment with land and work with Nature Conservancies to support wild space preservation. Our business culture invests in employees without college education and promotes awareness around issues of social and environmental impact by organizing cultural education opportunities within the workplace.

"The things that make you weird as a kid will make you great tomorrow."
-James Victore


of the world's population does not hold a college degree


hours of community empowerment and personal development education offered to Lay of the Land employees every week


different three dimensional wooden art designs available for order

A bit about Claire

Claire was raised to be a farm girl in scenic Northern Michigan. Due to many days spent taking care of animals and relishing benefits from being outside, Claire feels a very strong commitment to caring for natural spaces and their inhabitants. Due to caring mentorship, Claire was able to find an opportunity and passion in youth philanthropy. Because of the positive impact she has seen caused by a sense of communal responsibility, Claire is very passionate about solving problems by addressing community first.