Past Master Course Teachers

These are a few of the world’s foremost leaders, entrepreneurs, and practitioners who have visited Watson in the past to teach short “Master Courses” and work one-on-one with the Scholars.

  • Jerry White
    CEO of Global Impact Strategies Inc
    Jerry shares in the Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. His course title is: "Personal and Social Change: aligning our why, what and how."
  • Jane Miller
    CEO of Lily's Sweets
    A recognized leader in the natural and organic food industry, Jane is CEO of Lily's Sweets and has 30 years of executive experience in PepsiCo, Heinz, and Rudi's Bakery. Jane publishes the popular blog on the tips, tools, and truths to lead a meaningful career.
  • Erin Krampetz
    Co-founder, AshokaU
    As Co-founder and former Community Director of AshokaU, Erin has been a key player in supporting colleges and universities everywhere to become hubs of social innovation.
  • Teju Revilochan
    CEO and Co-founder, Uncharted
    Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute) is on a mission to unite and resource the people most likely to put a dent in the world's biggest problems. His course is called "Return on Relationships."
  • Matija Goljar
    Founder & CEO, Ustvarjalnik
    Matija Goljar is a serial entrepreneur from Slovenia who launched his first company at age 19. After selling it he became a teacher and thereafter founded Ustvarjalnik, a social venture that teaches high schoolers how to earn a living by doing what they love.
  • Jane Strode Miller
    Founder & CEO,
    Jane is a career expert, public speaker, author, and animal lover, and runs, a career website that provides support, resources and tools for those climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Jamie Van Leeuwen
    Executive Director, Global Livingston Institute
    Jamie is also the Senior Advisor to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper. His course title is: "Innovative Solutions to Poverty."
  • Brian Sommer
    Professor, Lynn University
    Brian is the Director of Special Projects in the College of Business and Management at Lynn University His course title is: "Who Am I? & Why Should Anyone Care?: An Exploration into Non-Traditional Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning."
  • Hunter Lovins
    Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions
    Besides being a serial entrepreneur and professor, Hunter was also a Time Magazine Millennium Hero for the Planet. Her course title is: "The Future of Capitalism."
  • Jeff Hoffman
    Besides founding, Jeff is also Partner and Co-founder at ColorJar. Co-founder of and Chairman and CEO of Black Sky Entertainment. Jeff's course title is: "Online Brand Development / How To Create Billion Dollar Businesses"
  • Gayle Young
    CTCO, Wikimedia Foundation
    Gayle is the Chief Talent and Culture Officer at Wikimedia Foundation and teaches a class entitled: "The Information Age."
  • Mark Gerzon
    Founder and President, Mediators Foundation
    Mark is the author of numerous other books including "Leading Through Conflict: How Successful Leaders Transform Differences into Opportunities." His course title is: "Global Citizenship in New Business."
  • William Ury
    Co-founder, Harvard Program on Negotiation
    William is the author of the world’s bestselling book on negotiation: "Getting to Yes." He has also been a consultant for the Crisis Management Center at the White House. His course title is: "Getting to Yes – Strategies for Successful Negotiation."
  • Louis Alloro
    Change Agent, Louis Alloro + Associates
    Louis is the co-creator, teacher, and advisor at the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. His course title is "Enabling Positive Evolution." He was one of the first 100 people in the world to earn a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Kamran Elahian
    Co-founder, Global Catalyst Partners
    Kamran is a serial tech-Entrepreneur and spiritual guru. His course title is: Finding and Following Your Star- The Journey to Success
  • Sam Tarantino
    Co-founder, Grooveshark
    Sam is a passionate musician who founded streaming music service Grooveshark as a freshman in college in 2006. For 10 years, he pioneered the streaming space introducing several innovations that are today the standard in music streaming.
  • Anthony Moorhouse
    Founder & Director of Strategy, Dynamiq
    Anthony is an experienced business leader who specializes in entrepreneurialism, organizational leadership, crisis management and fast growth start-ups. Dynamiq is an Emergency Management company with global reach.
  • Ron Billingsley
    Professor, CU Boulder
    While at CU, Ron has taught thirty-six different courses offered in six different programs and departments. Twenty four of those courses were of his own design. He specializes in Literature and Education.
  • Erin Schrode
    Co-founder, Turning Green
    Erin is a citizen activist, social entrepreneur and storyteller. She is the youngest person to have ever run for US congress at 25.
  • Andrew Forsthoefel
    Andrew is Author of "Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time."
  • Amaryllis Fox
    Former CIA Officer
    Amaryllis is the former CIA Clandestine Service Officer, writer, and peace activist. Her course is called, "Listen to your Enemies."
  • Sid Saleh
    Researcher, Creative Leadership Incubator
    Sid is a management researcher who examines how individuals collaborate to develop novel ideas and creative solutions to complex problems. He is a research member of the Creative Leadership Incubator of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • George Deriso
    Professor, CU Boulder
    George is a serial entrepreneur, having created and exited 9 technology startups after leaving Apple. He is currently am the Assistant Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he also teaches.
  • Evan Faber
    Director of Strategy, Moxie Sozo
    Evan helps people and organizations identify and capitalize on what makes them great. Over the years, he has worked with both start-ups and global brands, as well as non-profits including the Global Education Fund, and BridgeUSA. His course is entitled: "Personal Branding in Action."
  • Vamsi Sistla
    CTO, Entoro
    Vamsi is an innovative technologist with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has built various enterprise software and technology platforms. He was a technology co­founder for three start­ups in interactive TV, mobile events, and Social TV industries. He teaches a course on website creation.
  • Peter Adams
    Executive Director, Rockies Venture Club
    Besides serving as the Executive Director and Managing Director of the Rockies Venture Fund, Peter is also the co-author of “Venture Capital for Dummies.”
  • Melissa Pickering
    Product Leader, SolutionsIQ/Accenture
    Melissa is a creative and results-driven senior leader with a unique combination of business and technical skills used to drive the co-creation of a custom Business Agility framework for whole organizations.
  • Dani Papi-Thornton
    Former Deputy Director, Skoll Centre
    Daniela is the former Deputy Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. She has spearheaded student programming initiatives at Saïd Business School. Her course is called "System Change."
  • Ronald Porter
    Professor, Eckerd College
    Ronald serves as both a professor and the Director of Service Learning at Eckerd College. His course is entitled: "Yoga, Mindfulness and the Entrepreneur."
  • Tom Shadyac
    Tom is the Writer/Director/Producer of Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, Liar, Liar. He directed "I AM," a documentary which explores the question: What’s wrong with the world? And what can we do about it? His course is called: "A Morning of Deep Connections."
  • Christine Lai
    Chief of Staff, Delivering Happiness
    Delivering Happiness is a company founded by Tony Hsieh that helps people, companies, and communities understand how to create culture to maximize and sustain happiness. Her course is called: "Finding your Opportunity to do the Greatest Good."
  • John Teaford
    Director, Warren Miller Films
    John Teaford has produced films in all the far corners of the world, typically focusing on adventure documentary, mountaineering/expedition film/video production, and 2nd unit feature film production. His course is called: "Crafting the Perfect Story."
  • Devin Hibbard
    Co-founder, BeadforLife
    Devin is the co-founder of BeadforLife a multi-million dollar social enterprise that has empowered thousands of women in Uganda to move out of poverty and set a model for effective international development. Her course is called: "Leveraging global markets and local cultures to end poverty."
  • Blake Waltrip
    CEO, Ancient Harvest
    Blake's background is in environmentally and socially responsible businesses within the food and beverage industry. His course is called, "Brilliant Brands for Good."
  • Bill Flagg
    President, RegOnline
    Beyond his work at RegOnline, Bill also started The Felix Fund to invest in and help grow great companies like Active, PaySimple, SurveyGizmo, StickerGiant, and PosterBrain. His course is entitled: "Finding your Unconventional Freedom."
  • Tom Chi
    Cofounder, Google X
    As the cofounder of Google X, Tom has pioneered a unique approach to rapid prototyping that has allowed him to move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. His course title is: "Rapid Prototyping: Clothes hanger to Google Glass."
  • Roshan Paul
    Founder, Amani Institute
    Roshan is the Founder of Ashoka’s Globalizer and the Amani Institute. He is a guest lecturer at over a dozen universities - from Harvard to Paris’ HEC Business School. His course is entitled: "Scaling Social Enterprises Globally."
  • Hero's Journey
    Steve Dewart, Amber Nystrom, Parker Johnson
    The Hero’s Journey serves as a living map for those who answer the call to serve something greater than themselves. The Journey is of overcoming fears and self-doubt in order to bring unique gifts to the world. Their course title is: "Living your own Hero’s Journey."
  • Sue Kunz
    CEO, Avenir International
    Sue is the CEO of Avenir International, Inc. She is responsible for corporate vision, strategy, execution and capitalization. Avenir is Sue’s fifth startup, four of which she led.
  • Amory Lovins
    Co-founder, Rocky Mountain Institute
    Amory is the Founder of Rocky Mountain Institute, a MacArthur Fellow, on the list of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People, and author of 31 books. His course is called, "Our Energy Future – reinventing fire, reinventing capitalism."
  • Phil McKinney
    Former CTO, HP
    Phil is the author of “Beyond The Obvious” and host of the award winning Killer Innovations podcast, He is recognized as a leading authority on innovation and its impact on business, industries, economies and society. His course title is: "Killer Innovations."
  • Daniel Epstein
    CEO, Unreasonable Group
    The vision of Unreasonable Group is to create a collective family of companies that will, together, put a dent on the seemingly intractable social and environmental challenges of this century.” His course is called: "The Secret to Sales."
  • Jose Lopez
    Professor, Lynn University
    Jose is an entrepreneurship and finance guru at Lynn University and a master of tough love. His course is called: "Tough Love and the Harsh Realities of Business."
  • Katie Orenstein
    Founder, The OpEd Project
    Katie is the Founder and CEO of The OpEd Project, writes and speaks frequently about the intersection of media and mythology – that is, what we think is fact or fiction and how that shapes our ideas about politics, culture and history. Her course is entitled: "Effective and Meaningful Story-Telling."
  • John Fisher
    CEO, Sticker Giant
    John Fischer is the 800-pound gorilla of Colorado’s sticker business, Sticker Giant. His course is entitled: "Building a Successful “Bootstrappable” Internet Company."
  • Leon Logothetis
    Host, The Amazing Adventures of A Nobody
    Leon is a global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist. His course title is: "Stories of Unexpected Compassion."
  • Don Scott
    Founder, Growthx2
    Don built and ran a trust company and worked as a registered investment advisor operations for 15 years. Growthx2 is a wealth consultancy and was developed in 2015.
  • Lars Kure J. Nielsen
    CEO, Clearsight
    Lars is an international trusted advisor, HR executive and talent management expert working out of Copenhagen with a wide range of institutions across the globe. His course title is: "Building An Agile, Disruptive Organization from a Talent Leadership Perspective."
  • Jim Jubelirer
    CEO, Jim Jubelirer Results Group
    One of Jim’s specialties is creating a high-performance Culture. The hireology process assists organizations to find, recruit and retain top performers. His course is called: "Helping leaders improve their business performance and personal satisfaction."
  • Robert Watson
    Professor, Lynn University
    Robert has published 36 books on history and politics, three works of fiction, and hundreds of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, and reference essays. His course is called: "Leadership: lessons from presidential greatness & failure."
  • Gayle Nosal
    Director, Red Empress Foundation
    Gayle helps grassroots non-profit organizations adopt capacity-building strategies and fundraising plans, and larger organizations build successful social enterprise designs. Her course title is: "Unfiltered: how to create grant proposals that impress foundations."
  • John Mullins
    Professor, London Business School
    An award-winning teacher and scholar and one of the world’s foremost thought leaders in entrepreneurship, John Mullins brings to his teaching and research 20 years of executive experience in high-growth retailing firms, including two ventures he founded and one he took public. His course title is: "How to be a Venture Capitalist, and Case Studies."
  • David Haynes
    Managing Director, Greenmont Capital Partners
    In addition to being the Managing Director for Greenmont Capital Partners, he also serves as founder and CEO of multiple start-ups in California and Colorado. His course title is: "The How-To’s of Getting VC Funding."
  • Amy Clark
    US Talent & Partnerships, Ashoka
    Amy has played many roles as Ashoka has evolved, including strengthening the selection system for social entrepreneurs globally and deepening a culture that selects for and supports entrepreneurial staff across the organization. Her course title is: "Team-building to Maximize Impact."
  • Spencer Ton
    Managing Director, Vitrum Group
    Vitrum Group is a strategy and investment firm which aims to build supply chain solutions by investing and scaling products, inputs, and processes that positively impact people and planet. His course is called, "How to impress any Foundation."
  • Kim Coupounas
    Director, B Lab
    Kim serves as a Director of B Lab, a nonprofit organization that certifies “B Corporations” and serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Her course is entitled: "People Using Business as a Force for Good."
  • Fred George
    Principal Consultant, Fred George Consulting
    Fred George is a guru in designing and leading flat, agile organizations that can solve complex problems. His course is entitled: "Systems Thinking, Organizational Management, and the Future of Tech."
  • Greg Coussa
    Country Director, Int'l Centre for Social Franchising
    ICSF is a nonprofit that helps proven social solutions scale to new geographies through replication. His course is entitled: "Scaling and Replicating Impact."
  • Amy Black
    Vice President, Growth Strategy & Development, Teach for All
    Amy guides the development of Teach For All’s partnerships with aspiring social entrepreneurs seeking to adapt the Teach For All model to their national contexts. Her course title is: "A Case Study in Democratizing Education, Worldwide."
  • Srđa Popović
    Co-founder, Otpor! and CANVAS
    Otpor! - a Serbian nonviolent resistance group - is largely credited for overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic, Yugoslavian Dictator and War Criminal. His course is titled: "How to Topple a Dictatorship Peacefully"
  • Meredith Parfet
    Co-Founder of Denali Venture Philanthropy
    Meredith is an accomplished investor, ambitious entrepreneur and a passionate philanthropist. She co-founded Denali Venture Philanthropy, an investment organization that funds entrepreneurs who are committed to social change.
  • Jan Piercy
    Former US Executive Director, World Bank
    In addition to being the former US Executive Director of the World Bank, she also served as the Senior Advisor at Enclude. Her master course is called "Leveraging Who You are to Become Who You Want to Be."
  • Aditya Natraj
    Founder, Gandhi Fellowship
    Aditya's mission is to open the door to quality education for under-resourced children in India. His course title is: "Becoming Olympians of Social Change."
  • Khalida Brohi
    Executive Director, Sughar Empowerment Society
    She has been recognized by Oprah Winfrey, CNN, Bill Clinton, Cheryl Sandberg as a leading advocate for women in Pakistan.