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Meet the 2024 Ford Philanthropy Fellows

Donald Scott II, 2024 Ford Philanthropy Fellow

Generously sponsored by Ford Philanthropy

Abidemi Awojuyigbe | United States, Houston

Scholist App

The Scholist app aims to simplify the scholarship application process and enhance accessibility for students of all financial backgrounds across the United States. Offering personalized scholarship recommendations, community support, and mentorship, alongside guidance on completing FAFSA and deadline reminders, the platform ensures comprehensive assistance at every stage of the scholarship application process. With over 4,500 student sign-ups, 70 beta customers, and a social media following of over 3,000 users, Scholist App has quickly garnered trust and recognition. To date, the venture has raised $25,000 in capital and is a 2023 Black Ambition Prize by Pharrell Williams winner.

Alin Gabriel Gramescu | Romania

Station Europe

Station Europe is committed to building initiative groups and networks that can share knowledge, resources, and power to make decisions and take action together on social justice issues, climate education, and sustainability. One of the venture’s groups, Reality Lab, launched at the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels in 2020, advocates for the re-coupling of economic prosperity with social and environmental sustainability, and impacts over 6,000 students annually with its solutions. To date, the venture has raised nearly $800,000 in capital and is run by a team of five employees.

Ally Zlatar | United Kingdom

The Starving Artist

The Starving Artist initiative empowers individuals through creative arts, prioritizing authentic engagement and promoting change within existing systems. Using art and culture, the initiative educates and raises awareness about the lived experiences of marginalized communities to various stakeholders, including policy makers and healthcare professionals. Through exhibitions, publications, workshops, and more, it connects artists and individuals to collaborate and drive transformation, fostering a more inclusive civic reform process. To date, the venture has raised $15,000 in capital.

Alvin Lockett | United States, Detroit

Que Blackout

Que Blackout addresses the pressing challenges of youth unemployment, child poverty, and lack of arts exposure and leadership training in Detroit, MI. Through comprehensive media arts training, the venture empowers young individuals by fostering creative expression, technical skills, and personal growth. With a focus on workforce development and artistic excellence, Que Blackout provides access to industry leaders and mentors, nurturing the growth of young people. To date, the venture has raised $175,000 in capital, is run by a team of three employees, and worked with over 50 students.

Amina Shale | United States, Louisville

Somali Bantu Community Human Rights Case Study

The Somali Bantu Community Human Rights Case Study aims to address the pervasive impact of systemic racism and discrimination on Somali Bantu individuals (an ethnic minority group in Somalia) in the United States and Somalia. Through comprehensive studies involving interviews and data collection across different age groups, the venture seeks to illuminate the systemic challenges faced by the community and advocate for policy changes promoting equality and dismantling barriers in collaboration with local leaders and organizations. To date, the venture has assisted 100 families in accessing government resources.

Arabia Simeon | United States, Detroit

Politics on the Go (PoGo)

PoGo is a gamified, non-partisan mobile app revolutionizing the voter experience by merging a Tinder-like design with the connectivity of social media and the educational aspect of a non-profit, making election research quick, transparent, and enjoyable. With a mission to simplify civic engagement and centering on local politics, community, and involvement, PoGo aims to become the Duolingo for civic engagement, informing voters nationwide and building a non-partisan, policy-driven democracy. To date, the venture has raised $45,000 in capital and was featured at TEDx Detroit in the fall of 2023.

Aramis Jones | United States, West Tennessee

Renew Mobile Health and Wellness

Renew Mobile Health and Wellness focuses on delivering preventive care and social services to vulnerable school-age children and adults who encounter barriers to accessing healthcare and wellness resources. Through mobile van services and an app, Renew Mobile Health offers proactive health screenings, a free menstrual health pantry, nutrition education, and social services support, emphasizing patient education, resource connection, and self-advocacy. Aramis was a participant in West Tennessee’s Builders + Backers Idea Accelerator Program funded by The Ford Motor Company Fund and powered by Heartland Forward.

Ashley Maull | United States, Atlanta

Hi-Luxe Logistics

Hi-Luxe Logistics optimizes freight for government and private clients through strategic partnerships, aiming to transcend traditional logistics by breaking barriers, empowering businesses, and making a lasting impact on global trade. The venture’s mission extends beyond mere supply chain optimization, striving to break barriers, empower businesses owned by women and minorities, and foster diversity and inclusion within the global trade landscape. Recently, the venture signed a 5-year contract with the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Branden Williams | United States, Dallas

Youth HUB – Charting Courses, Building Careers

Youth HUB – Charting Courses, Building Careers – aims to bridge the critical gap in high school education by offering personalized learning, soft skills development, and industry certifications to prepare students for meaningful employment. Their innovative approach revolutionizes education through a comprehensive, adaptive platform, focusing on academic excellence and workplace readiness via AI-driven technologies. To date, the venture has raised $50,000 from The Dallas Foundation to support its efforts to equip young adults with necessary skills and commonly expected workplace traits.

Cetarracca Rockwell | United States, Dallas


SelfSuffi addresses the challenge of resource accessibility in underserved communities, leveraging technology to empower opportunity populations. Their innovative web platform utilizes AI and data-driven algorithms to personalize access to essential services in healthcare, education, housing, and job training. SelfSuffi operates on a freemium model for users and sustains operations through subscription-based partnerships with social impact organizations. To date, the venture has developed a no-code prototype, raised $5,000, and was recently accepted into the United Way Social Innovation Incubator.

Cuahtémoc Cruz Herrera | Mexico

Proyecto Daskalos

Proyecto Daskalos aims to empower children and youth from public schools across Mexico. Their two-sided mathematics tutoring platform connects knowledgeable and motivated public-school students as tutors with those in need of high-quality support in mathematics skills. Currently in the beta testing phase, Proyecto Daskalos has developed an MVP platform and identified tutors to provide free peer tutoring to students in Jalisco, Mexico, leveraging their expertise and achievements in mathematics competitions. To date, the venture has raised $5,000 in capital and is run by 3 part-time team members.

Desiree Riley | Mexico

The MasterMind Cooperative

The MasterMind Cooperative aims to combat the alarming rates of homicide among young people, particularly African Americans aged 10-24, by activating community engagement and incentivizing positive change. Through initiatives such as weekly wellness support and career certification programs, they foster well-being, innovation, and economic opportunities. To date, the venture has raised over $100,000 in capital, issued over $15,000.00 in micro grants to assist community members with various small financial emergency needs, and collaborated with Double Trellis to deliver hundreds of meals for community members.

Donald Scott II | United States, Chicago

PiggyBack Network

PiggyBack Network aims to ensure equitable access to future opportunities for young students by providing safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation solutions. Their mission is to remove barriers hindering active families by incentivizing parent-driven youth carpools, and addressing a need recognized by educators, administrators, and busy parents alike. Since its launch in September 2023, the platform has attracted 300 members, facilitated approximately 40 shared rides, and raised $345,000.00 to support its efforts to build a network of support to help busy parents get their kids to the best after-school opportunities.

Eden Tadesse | Germany


Invicta addresses the limited economic opportunities for refugees by providing a comprehensive tech-enabled platform offering access to remote work opportunities, skills development, mental health counseling, education, and entrepreneurship support. Their award-winning platform connects displaced youth to opportunities for economic and digital empowerment, fostering self-sufficiency and improved economic prospects. Since its inception, Invicta has enrolled over 35,600 refugees in its global community, helped approximately 2,753 refugees find meaningful employment, and raised $125,000 in capital.

Francisco Valencia | Mexico


Prothesia is dedicated to revolutionizing the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) sector by optimizing clinic operations, improving manufacturing processes, and delivering standardized, affordable, and high-quality prosthetic care. Prothesia offers administrative support, digital marketing, and standardized manufacturing, fostering transparency and community building. To date, the venture has established 24 clinic partnerships, reached over 14,000 patients, and raised over $100,000 in capital to support its efforts to address challenges related to accessibility, affordability, and patient experience in the O&P sector.

Habeeb Ayangbade | United States, Houston


Beebz addresses various challenges in intercity transportation such as long queues, overcrowding, and environmental concerns by offering a sustainable shared-ride mobility solution. Similar to Uber, Beebz’s app allows users to book rides on minivans with fixed routes and times, providing flexibility in pickup and drop-off locations, a flat rate per seat, and limited passengers onboard for comfort. Beebz aims to pave the way for a fully autonomous future by prioritizing collaboration and eventually introducing autonomous vehicles. To date, the venture has logged 193 completed trips, 400 signups, and $9,500 in revenue as well as worked with 220 paying customers.

Hannah Schimke | Germany


MiMINT is dedicated to addressing the underrepresentation of individuals of African descent in STEM fields in Germany. Through fostering a supportive community and providing resources, MiMINT aims to bridge these gaps and empower Afro-German and Afro-diaspora individuals in STEM. By enhancing visibility, offering support, and fostering collaboration, MiMINT believes individuals can overcome societal and economic barriers, instilling confidence and empowering the next generation in STEM. The November 2023 kick-off MiMINT Networking event in Hamburg marked the launch of the MiMINT community, attracting 50 participants.

Irina Dumitrescu | Romania

Epic Prints

Epic Prints is dedicated to transforming the advertising industry’s environmental impact by providing sustainable alternatives to traditional promotional materials. Through advocating for and supplying eco-friendly products like reusable and recyclable materials, the venture guides businesses in transitioning to more environmentally conscious branding practices. To date, the venture has engaged over 100 businesses, promoting eco-friendly solutions and contributing to the reduction of non-recyclable materials in the industry. Epic Prints has raised $40,000 to support its efforts and is run by a team of two.

Isaac Mongali | South Africa


CareerKit is dedicated to revolutionizing career development by empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and achieve professional success, particularly in underserved communities. Through innovative tools like their RIASEC Board Game (a captivating tool designed to explore and understand personality types) and comprehensive learning resources, CareerKit enables users to gain insights into their strengths, explore diverse career options, and make informed decisions about their futures. To date, the venture has raised over $10,000 in capital, engaged over 5,000 users and impacted 56 underserved schools across South Africa.

Jeffery Johnson | United States, West Tennessee

Crowns Basketball Academy

Crowns Basketball Academy is dedicated to reshaping youth sports culture by prioritizing positive development strategies over detrimental practices. With a focus on building confidence and technique while minimizing stress on athletes’ bodies, the academy aims to eradicate improper teachings and instill mental, spiritual, and emotional growth. Currently serving a limited number of families in West Tennessee, the academy plans to expand its impact through various initiatives, including training future sports instructors, fostering mentorship among young athletes, and collaborating with the community to address youth crime.

Jeremy Jiang | China


Chitchat provides comprehensive cultural and creative services nationwide, promoting rural tourism and integrating agriculture, industry, and services. The venture operates multifunctional cultural spaces to attract young people to rural areas and hosts activities to stimulate rural development. To date, the venture has raised $300,000 in capital to support its initiatives and established a rural multifunctional cultural space. This space was developed by transforming an old yard abandoned for 27 years and has been operational for over 6 months.

Jonaie Johnson | United States, Kansas City


Interplay’s addresses the surge in post-pandemic pet returns with a remote pet care solution, aiming to increase ownership and alleviate separation anxiety. With their Interplay PlayTach, pet parents can conveniently interact and care for their dogs remotely using their smartphones, even while away from home. To date, the venture has raised $80,000 in capital, completed the Mars Petcare x Royal Canin Leap Venture Academy Fellowship, and garnered 200 newsletter subscribers. Interplay also plans to partner with and donate its revenue to pet shelters.

José Alanis | Mexico


ELECTROMEX aims to alleviate concerns about transitioning from gasoline to electric cars by establishing an EV Charging Network, providing peace of mind to electric vehicle users. Recognizing the significant impact of fossil fuel vehicles on pollution levels and public health, the venture seeks to promote clean air and reduce health risks associated with emissions. With a prototype EV Charger successfully tested for three months and production underway in China, ELECTROMEX is poised to install 50 chargers across Monterrey, Mexico. The venture is currently run by a team of two with help from 3 additional part-time team members.

Joshua Borokinni | United Kingdom

The Borokinni Trust

The Borokinni Trust is dedicated to tackling environmental, mental health, and educational challenges in marginalized communities through inclusive programs and policy interventions. Through impactful campaigns, educational initiatives, global engagement, and research contributions, they aim to spark positive change, measuring success through metrics such as reach, engagement, and participation rates. To date, the venture has raised over $65,000 in capital and is run by 20 team members. At the University of Plymouth Student Union, they led stress management campaigns that played a pivotal role in shaping mental health policies across UK higher institutions as part of the Office for Students Student Mental Health project.

Kamesha West | United States, Dallas

People In Place App

The People In Place App is a startup venture that has the potential to expand globally. It connects health and economic data, providing a better understanding of socioeconomic disparities and assisting in decision-making regarding complex community issues. The idea for this venture was conceived in 2024, but the foundation for it was laid by People In Place Economics Consulting, which was established in 2019. The People In Place App aims to create informed, equitable, and resilient communities by bridging the gap between health outcomes and economic conditions. The venture is currently in its early stages and focuses on empowering communities through data.

Kayla Brown | China


HDK Med is dedicated to transforming the expat healthcare experience in China, breaking down language and cultural barriers to ensure every individual receives the care they need. Offering comprehensive medical assistance services, including accurate translations and advocacy, HDK Med empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health. Through personal consultations and testimonials, HDK Med has positively affected the lives of clients, including facilitating communication for a pregnant couple, providing less-invasive treatment options for a husband and father, and offering culturally sensitive care for a couple concerned about a prospective ALS diagnosis. These stories reflect the tangible impact of HDK Med’s mission to promote equitable access to healthcare.

Kgomotso Cynthia Macucwa | South Africa

Intensify Study House

Intensify Study House is dedicated to addressing the limited opportunities for learners to access coding and robotics education while also tackling social and mental health issues crucial for future career readiness. Providing a comprehensive educational environment, the center offers academic, social, and mental health services to learners of all ages, aiming to foster well-rounded development. To date, the venture has raised over $17,000 in capital and plans are underway to expand their services to a larger facility that can support more than 35 individuals at a time, enabling the center to reach a wider audience and establish partnerships with schools and educational institutions.

LeDeidra Wooten | United States, Atlanta

Listening Hands Care Services

Listening Hands Care Services addresses the community’s tendency to overlook their health until they are unwell, coupled with a lack of preventative care education. Through a holistic approach, the venture offers services to promote healthier lifestyles and stress management, encompassing mind, body, and spirit. To date, the venture has served approximately 500 clients across the United States and raised $100,000 in capital, demonstrating its impact on promoting proactive health practices and holistic well-being.

Madalina Bouros | Romania


AllGrow addresses the inequity in access to quality education, particularly for disadvantaged youth, by providing spaces and experiences for developing 21st-century skills through social innovation education. By empowering disadvantaged youth frustrated by societal norms, they harness Gen Z’s passion for sustainability and technology, enabling them to fulfill their potential as changemakers. They aim to enhance their impact by incorporating gamification, transnational collaboration, and AI to make user experience and competency development more valuable and transferable. To date, the venture has worked with 7,500+ young people in Romania, to help them develop 21st century skills through social innovation education and design thinking.

Miruna Illiescu | Romania


Esitverde.or is an eco-friendly e-commerce platform focused on the Romanian market, dedicated to creating a world without avoidable plastics. They exclusively feature European products, prioritizing collaborations with local businesses like Ophori in Brasov, Romania, known for their locally produced bath products. The venture prioritizes eco-friendly delivery methods, including bicycle deliveries in Bucharest and upcycled packaging materials. Since their launch, they have championed sustainability and supported local businesses, and raised $5,000 in capital. Miruna was also recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient in Romania in 2022.

Nana Arkorful | United States, Chicago

Arke Inc.

Arke Inc. is revolutionizing the eBike industry by developing retrofit kits that offer quality, performance, and affordability, aiming to make eBikes accessible to a wider demographic. Partnering with biking shops and organizations in underserved Chicago communities, Arke is introducing eBike rentals and youth programs to educate students on eBike and EV repair and support. While pre-launch, Arke has 250 sign-ups for their BETA product and plans to provide 25 kits for community bike rides in 2024, alongside initiatives dedicated to youth education and employment in Chicago’s Bronzeville and South Shore areas.

Nicole Cabrera Salazar | United States, Atlanta

Movement Consulting

Movement Consulting transforms STEM culture through consulting services focused on emotional, relational, and collective work to support marginalized individuals, particularly those who are BIPOC. Their projects include mentoring courses, classroom transformations, and workshops on social justice and self-empowerment. To date, the venture has raised nearly $600,000 in capital, successfully pivoted to an online model, tripling revenue and establishing partnerships with over 30 organizations internationally, including NASA and prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford.

Portia Moore | United States, West Tennessee

Project EVOLVE

Project EVOLVE focuses on serving the criminal justice-involved reentry population by providing skills, training, and resources for successful employment and educational opportunities, aiming to transform them into productive, law-abiding citizens. Their mission is to reconstruct the mindset of these individuals and assist them in navigating life after incarceration. Their impact includes successful therapy, program completion, and employment; the venture is currently servicing 500 re-entry participants and counting.

Ragıp Zık | Germany

Unlock the Migrant Knowledge

Unlock the Migrant Knowledge aims to address the lack of migrant perspectives in higher-level decision-making processes. By developing a mentorship product for executives and mid-level managers, the initiative aims to promote informed, inclusive, and democratic practices. Significant progress includes engaging 32 companies in intercultural competency workshops involving 78 migrants and refugees, with promising reception and return rates. Moreover, the venture has raised $60,000 in capital to support its initiatives and is run by a team of 2 full-time employees and 8 part-time team members.

Roy Scott | United States, Kansas City

Healthy Hip Hop

Healthy Hip Hop is a pioneering venture leveraging hip hop culture to revolutionize education and children’s well-being. Their mission is to empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills they need for healthier lives while fostering a love for learning. Through interactive AI-driven content and partnerships with schools and communities, they engage children in learning about health, nutrition, and fitness. To date, the venture has raised $750,000 in capital, executed over 1,000 live events, piloted programs in 20 schools across Kansas City, and secured a contract with the Dallas Independent School District.

Sanelisiwe Njobe | South Africa


OURS is revolutionizing connectivity in rural and peri-urban areas with the OUR Space device, addressing data infrastructure challenges and making online learning accessible. Through device and platform training, provision of connectivity devices to Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers, and access to online resources, OURS ensures no child is left behind in the digital age. To date, the venture has raised $250,000 in capital and has launched successful pilots at four ECD centers across South Africa.

Shapree Marshall | United States, Kansas City

A Traveled Path Homes

A Traveled Path Homes aims to alleviate housing challenges for traveling medical professionals, ensuring access to quality accommodations during emergency contracts. By prioritizing well-being and addressing staffing shortages caused by inadequate housing options, the venture ultimately aims to enhance community health outcomes and strengthen local healthcare systems. While the venture still has yet to officially launch, it has already raised $25,000 in capital and aims to become a leading provider of quality housing solutions for the vast community of traveling healthcare professionals, including over 2.4 million traveling nurses in the United States alone.

Sierra Boone | United States, Detroit

The Nap Time Show

The Nap Time Show pioneers a transformative approach to children’s entertainment amidst pandemic-driven social challenges and digital content concerns. Rooted in Detroit’s ethos, this family-run venture aims to reshape children’s relationship with rest, recognizing its pivotal role in overall well-being. Beyond traditional programming, it advocates for holistic wellness through immersive experiences and soothing music. With a growing online presence and strategic partnerships with PBS Michigan Learning Channel and the Black Education Station, The Nap Time Show actively fosters community engagement and youth development. To date, the venture has grown to more than 12,000 subscribers, 170K+ views, and 2.8M+ impressions.

Stephanie Itimi | United Kingdom


SEIDEA confronts the stark underrepresentation of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women in the UK’s cybersecurity sector, where they comprise only 16% of the workforce. By offering crucial training and job opportunities, SEIDEA addresses both the industry’s acute skills gap, affecting over 653,300 businesses, and the pressing need for diversity. Through sponsored bootcamps, job placements, and robust community engagement initiatives, SEIDEA empowers BME women with industry-relevant skills and certifications while fostering a supportive network for mentorship and shared learning experiences. To date, the venture has raised over $63,000 in capital and trained 1,800+ BME women.

Tao Zhang | China


Songguoren addresses the challenges of youth growth and development in China by providing comprehensive career empowerment courses, diverse social innovation projects, and practical experience activities for individuals aged 16-28. Since its inception in September 2015, Songguoren has emerged as a leading platform in this domain, earning recognition from prestigious organizations like the United Nations and Forbes China. To date, the venture has directly assisted over 100,000 individuals annually, attracted over 2 million online visits, and raised $2 million in capital.

Tara Levy | United States, Chicago

Liberated Writers

Liberated Writers tackles the academic and behavioral setbacks caused by remote learning in inner-city Chicago schools. Through creativity, mindfulness, and diverse literary works, the program aims to bridge literacy gaps and empower students. Piloting workshops at schools like DRW College Prep and Wells Community Academy High School, it has already provided vital after-school literacy support to 45 students. To date, the venture has raised $22,000 in capital and has garnered support from organizations like the Chicago Urban League and the Hyde Park Art Center.

Thabo Molibeli | South Africa

Innovative Engineering Hub

The Innovative Engineering Hub pioneers sustainable water management solutions to combat South Africa’s critical water crisis. By implementing cutting-edge technologies and community-driven initiatives, the company optimizes water usage, reduces wastage, and promotes responsible consumption. Through tailored water management systems and partnerships with local stakeholders, it empowers communities to conserve resources effectively. To date, the venture has raised $140,000 in capital and with over 10 million liters of water saved for current clients, it leads the way towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

Tim Steppich | Germany


ClimateU serves as a pivotal platform uniting stakeholders across the climate sector, including jobseekers, corporates, Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs), investors, and climate companies to accelerate the transition towards net-zero across Europe. With a focus on connecting talent with climate-tech companies and corporate sustainability roles, the platform facilitates collaboration and fosters partnerships. To date, the venture has raised $30,000 in capital and its community has grown to 16,000 members globally, with over 1,800 companies and 800 investors leveraging the platform.

Tony Mudd | United States, Louisville

Sensori Safety

Sensori Safety tackles the issue of workplace accidents and injuries through innovative data technology. Leveraging advanced data analytics and predictive modeling, it empowers businesses to assess employee readiness, identify risks, and proactively implement safety measures. The venture’s mission is to significantly reduce workplace accidents, enhance employee well-being, and boost productivity. To date, the venture has raised over $36,000 in capital, developed a prototype, and has been recognized as a semi-finalist in the Kentucky Derby Ideation Pitch Competition.

William Hill | United States, Houston

Uncharted Territory Solutions

Uncharted Territory Solutions is dedicated to uplifting individuals from minimum wage to livable wages through quality and affordable health career training, completed in 12 weeks or less. As a licensed vocational school in Texas, they focus on serving underserved communities, aiming to inspire students to pursue further education. The venture also collaborates with nonprofits to offer scholarships, ensuring accessibility to training opportunities for all. To date, the venture has raised $220,000 in capital, achieved an 80% employment rate, and trained over 200 students, enabling them to secure higher-paying jobs to support their families.

Xinting He | China


Nervoviden utilizes Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology and visual cues research to enhance color vision deficiency diagnosis and solutions. They aim to provide accurate and efficient testing, crucial for early detection and prevention of serious health issues. With plans to obtain FDA licensing and raise awareness through social media, they aim to inform millions about their vulnerability to color sensitivity problems. To date, the venture has raised $50,000 in capital and partners with organizations like Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Association International (BCAI) and the National Science Foundation to expand accessibility and engagement within the color vision deficiency community.

杉穗 张 (Sunset) | China

思无邪青年志愿团 Siwuxie Youth Volunteer Group

Siwuxie Youth Volunteer Group aims to support vulnerable groups, particularly individuals with autism, ensuring societal integration and financial sustainability. Through collaborations with various organizations, they provide high-quality activities like tutoring and therapy, including a unique “One Day Companion” program. For older youth, they partner with businesses to facilitate disability employment. To date, the venture has raised $300,000 in capital to support its initiatives and served over 1,800 individuals, securing employment for many.

The Ford Philanthropy Fellowship is a program designed to equip 40 rising entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and experience to scale the impactful ventures they are building. Ford Fund Fellows will learn advanced skills in entrepreneurship and leadership, have the opportunity to earn seed funding, garner experience, and build a global network, as they lay the foundation to empower many more individuals and transform their communities.