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Meet the 2023 Halloran Fellows

Jessica Havers 2023 Halloran Fellow

Generously sponsored by Halloran Philanthropies

Ashton Beckerink

Sports & Recreation Major with a Minor in Psychology

Ashton is a student athlete at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. She plays softball and hopes to develop a sports complex in the Bradford Area to create opportunities for students in her community to have easier access to training facilities so that they may succeed in their athletic careers.

Chanelle Shoemake

Business & Economics Major

Chanelle is a Business and Economics student at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford with a passion for building social impact solutions that help others, which she felt was further enforced upon attending the Watson Institute Basecamp in Bradford in October of 2022. Chanelle’s specific entrepreneurial interests focus on helping to solve poverty in the Bradford area, and she hopes to establish and strengthen her venture plans throughout the Halloran Fellowship.

Jessica Havers

Bradford Wrestling

Jessica is a dedicated advocate for youth sports in Bradford, PA. As a sports mom, coach’s wife, and wrestling club manager, she brings a unique perspective to her advocacy work. Her passion for empowering the youth in her community through sports shines through her active involvement in various roles.

Jessie Kerr

Business Management Major with a Concentration in Marketing

Jessie grew up in Bradford, attended St. Bernard’s Catholic School (which is now closed down), and is passionate about partnering with an organization like the YMCA to create summer camp programs for 3rd-5th grade students that are more affordable for parents. Jessie hopes to educate young children with the values that they otherwise may not learn in their public schools and wants to help empower teachers in the Bradford community through her future venture.

Katherine Roessler

Business Management Major

Katherine was born and raised in Bradford, and has built strong connections in the community. She graduated from Bradford Area High School and is currently in her Freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford with a major in Business Management. Katherine’s mission is to give back to Bradford by creating employment opportunities through her entrepreneurial pursuits; she plans to open a coffee shop in the area with an atmosphere that is open and inviting for the public that will serve as a venue for community events.

Lynette Stevenson

DALS Credit Solutions & Notary

Lynette is the Founder of DALS Credit Solutions & Notary, a financial consulting firm that provides credit score monitoring, credit education, and budgeting and financial planning training for underbanked communities in the Bradford area. The venture has currently raised over $60,000 in funding and employs a team of 7-full time staff. Lynette hopes to learn business development and growth strategies through the Halloran Fellowship to expand the impact of her venture.

Mauri Shembeda

Bloom Organic Beauty Bar

Mauri Shembeda, the visionary owner of “Bloom Organic Beauty Bar.” With an unwavering commitment to holistic well-being and a profound respect for nature’s gifts, Mauri has created a haven where beauty and wellness harmoniously coexist. The venture currently has over 129 clients who use her salon and wellness services. Her beauty bar is a reflection of her ethos: a carefully curated collection of natural products and services. Mauri is a devoted advocate for conscious consumer choices, offering educational workshops to empower her clients to embrace a more eco-friendly approach to beauty and wellness. With Bloom, Mauri not only transforms appearances but also raises awareness about the beauty of a cleaner, greener world. Mauri hopes to expand the services Bloom provides to include skincare and nutrition courses, which she aims to outline and expand through the Halloran Fellowship.

Ryan Mongillo

Crew Machining LLC

Crew Machining LLC, a Bradford-based crafting business, excels in repairs for local businesses and households. With a focus on crafting quality industrial goods, they aim to supply neighboring shops in the area. Notably, they’ve completed successful projects for Pennsylvania’s State Line Supply Company, underscoring their commitment to excellence. Through the Halloran Fellowship, Ryan hopes to expand upon his financial skills to help accelerate the company’s growth.

Sasha Taylor

Passionate Advocate for Homelessness

Sasha is passionate about eradicating homelessness in the Bradford area by creating affordable housing in a holistic and compassionate way. She aims to develop tiny home/cottage communities where homeless residents can live anywhere from 12-18 months. During this time, her venture will provide social services such as job preparation and career placement, healthy meals, and counseling. Sasha hopes to learn the skills necessary to start her business from the ground up through the Halloran Fellowship.