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Application Process

Bachelor of Science in Social Impact and Entrepreneurship from Lynn University, in collaboration with Watson Institute

The deadlines to apply to the Class of 2027, beginning in August of 2024 are the following:

Early Action I: complete application by Nov 15th, 2023; submit supporting documents by Dec 1st, 2023; receive decision by Dec 15th, 2023.
Early Action II: complete application by Jan 15th, 2024; submit supporting documents by Feb 1st, 2024; receive decision by Feb 15th, 2024
Regular decision: complete application by March 1st, 2024; receive decision by March 15th, 2024.
Rolling admissions: applications completed after March 1st, 2024, are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Major in your mission.

Applying to this program takes three steps:

Apply to Lynn University

Lynn University and Watson Institute work together because we believe that to solve the toughest challenges facing the world, we must equip the next generation with the necessary tools, network, mindset, and courage to unleash a lifetime of impact.

This Watson Institute program is hosted at Lynn University and students must complete a Lynn University application:

Lynn University Application

Chat with a Watson team member

Upon completion of the separate Lynn University, your submissions will be evaluated and you will be invited for a conversation with a Watson Institute team member.

This is an opportunity for the team to learn more about your mission and motivations for applying to the Bachelor of Science in social impact and entrepreneurship from Lynn University, in collaboration with Watson Institute.

At this step you will learn about your admission into the program.

Apply to Watson Institute

This collaboration between Watson Institute and Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, brings together a cohort of change agents and leaders from across the globe to build careers that align with their values and contribute to solving the toughest challenges facing the world.

Once you have completed the Lynn University application, you will be provided a supplemental Watson Institute application.

A lifetime of impact begins.

The Bachelor of Science in Social Impact and Entrepreneurship from Lynn University, in collaboration with Watson Institute, is for students who have a strong passion and commitment to make a difference in the world. The right candidate has agency in their own development, a growth mindset with a healthy dose of curiosity, and a passion for impact and systemic change.

Ideal candidates have a passion for a particular issue or set of challenges but are not sure how to tackle them. This program is built for students looking to launch a multi-layered career with impact at its core and provides training in business and entrepreneurship.

Please contact Javier López-Mochón, Director of Admission for Watson Institute, at with any questions you may have about the application process.