Watson Semester Accelerator (Free Agent track)

The deadline to apply to the Fall 2020 Watson Semester Accelerator is April 15, 2020.

A lifetime of impact begins.

The Watson Semester Accelerator is a program for college students, recent graduates, and gap-year students with an early-stage social venture/project and a passion for social impact.

During the 4-month program, a cohort of young social innovators convene in Boulder, Colorado to tackle the greatest challenges facing the world. From climate change to income inequality and from political oppression to access to water, students enrolled in the Watson Accelerator leverage training, mentorship, and community to unleash a lifetime of impact. Students who successfully complete the Watson Accelerator have an articulated pathway to earn credits from Lynn University which are eligible for transfer.

Please contact Isabel DeJesus, Director of Admission for Watson Institute, at with any questions you may have about the application process.

  • Section 1: Tell us about yourself

  • Please only select programs/schools if you been a part of them. We will verify this information with each program to assess "Maverick Partner" scholarship eligibility. To select more than one, hold down the "command" button on macs, and the "control" button on windows.
  • Section II: Tell us about your educational background

  • High school, university, vocational school, community college etc
  • High school, university, vocational school, community college etc
  • High school, university, vocational school, community college etc
  • Section III: Tell us what drives you

  • There are hundreds of social issues to tackle, but please just choose one, and please be specific.
  • What events, relationships and circumstances in your life have driven you to seek solutions to this problem? Please be specific.
  • Section IV: What is social change for you?

    We select Free Agent applicants based on their passion towards social change, their drive to create measurable impact, and their grittiness to get things done in the face of adversity.
  • Based on your answer on section III, in your perspective, what would be the best plan of action for tackling this problem?
  • What drives and motivates you to create lasting social impact? Tell us in your personal mission statement.
  • Section V: Free Agent joining a venture

    The new Free Agent track at the Watson Incubator provides the opportunity for students interested in social change and entrepreneurship to join or collaborate with a social entrepreneur with a venture enrolled in the program. To help us be the conduits of this collaboration, please tell us what skills and experience, beyond what you've shared in this application, you would bring to a team.
  • Please submit a SHARED/PUBLIC link to you answering the following in video form in 120 seconds or less: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are you doing? What area of social impact are you focused on?" Upload this video to Youtube, Vimeo, or Google Drive (in all cases, make sure it is viewable to the public) and please include the link below
  • These can be your venture website, personal linkedin, venture facebook page, venture twitter page, a personal blog, an article about you, a competition you participated in, or anything that helps us understand you and your project better.
  • Please list 1-3 relevant programs or extracurricular activities that you have been a part of related to: (A) leadership (B) social change education (C) social entrepreneurship or (D) global citizenship