Tuition and Aid

Through generous scholarships and innovative financing options, we are committed to ensuring finances are never a barrier to learning.

Tuition Breakdown

The Watson education is an extremely personalized experience – from weekly mentor meetings to tailored workshops, out of state travel, and one-on-ones with renowned entrepreneurs. We offer generous scholarships, fellowships and financing options to make Watson accessible to students from all economic backgrounds.

Watson Semester Accelerator (In-Person) in Boulder, Colorado
Tuition: $15,000 (includes housing)

Watson Semester Accelerator (Virtual)
Tuition: $6,000

Watson Career Accelerator in Guatemala City, Guatemala
Tuition: $3,900
Total: $3,900

Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship from Lynn University

Health Insurance: All in-person students are required to have health insurance, which is offered at cost if the student does not already have insurance.
Other Expenses: Students should also budget for travel to and from Boca Raton or Boulder, transportation while enrolled, as well as entertainment costs.
Housing: Students attending Watson Institute at Lynn University are required to live on campus, cohort-style in a designated dorm on campus. Housing is guaranteed by Lynn University for the first two years or until the student surpasses 60 college credits.
Required Technology: Wireless internet is included in the residential fees, however, having a laptop is essential to your learning at Watson.


Watson Institute offers a wide range of partial scholarships for both merit and financial need. We also offer scholarships from generous partners such as:

  • The Wolfson Foundation Scholarship Fund: A scholarship fund for students and alumni of Miami Dade College to attend Watson Institute.
  • Whitaker Family Manufacturing Scholarship: A scholarship for a young entrepreneur developing a manufacturing-based venture.
  • Kirchner Capital Allocator Fellowship: A scholarship for students with experience and interest in the field of impact investing from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Americas.
  • Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Brody Seligson Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund is awarded to selected students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Work Study

Watson Institute selectively offers a work study program for exceptional students with financial need. Work Study Scholars work 10 hours per week with the Watson team while enrolled and are awarded a scholarship per semester to go towards their tuition.


Watson Institute offers several full-ride fellowships each semester that cover the full cost of tuition. All finalists will be invited to apply for these fellowships:

  • Enlight China Fellowship: This Fellowship is for applicants from the Greater China Area that are committed to lead lives of impact.
  • Enlight Women’s Fellowship: This Fellowship is for applicants working to increase access and quality of education for women and girls. Applicants for this Fellowship must be from greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Heyman/McConnell Family Education Fellowship: This Fellowship is for applicants working to transform the educational experience of children and youth.
  • Jane Strode Miller Fellowship: This Fellowship is for next-generation entrepreneurs creating solutions within the food or beverage space.
  • Luff Peace Fellowship: This Fellowship is for applicants working to increase access and quality of education and promoting peace globally.
  • Sistla Planet Tech Fellowship: This Fellowship is for applicants creating tech solutions to solve the greatest planet challenges. Planet challenges includes but is not limited to work in climate, environment, deforestation, carbon sequestration, and space tech.
  • Tech Fellowship: This Fellowship is for applicants creating tech solutions to solve the greatest social, economic and environmental challenges.

Pave the Way Fund

Watson’s Pave the Way Fund pays for students’ tuition and housing in Boulder. Once students graduate and begin earning a living wage, alumni share an affordable percentage of future earnings for a set number of months through what’s commonly known as an Income Share Agreement. Alumni contributions refuel the Pave the Way Fund which in turn provides the same opportunity to future scholars to attend Watson.

Watson believes entrepreneurial talent is universal, while opportunity is not. Therefore, The Pave the Way Fund is a new way of financing higher education which ensures Watson is radically accessible and alumni graduate without debt.

Here's what our alumni have to say about the Pave the Way Fund:

“I never would have attended Watson without the income sharing model because my family could not afford the upfront tuition. The most comforting part of the program was re-payment was tied to my income; I didn’t have to choose between education and healthy eating or owning a safe vehicle. The best part is: I felt Watson believed in me from the get-go. They trusted I would have the ability to repay the income sharing agreement, completely tying their financial success to my business success.

-Patrick Mateer, Fall 2014 Watson Scholar and Founder of Seal the Seasons

Watson’s income sharing model provided me the flexibility to optimize my early career decisions for impact, and not compensation. It allowed me to focus less on making loan payments, and more on deciding what path out of Watson is most aligned to my passions and desired impact. Baked into this model is accountability: if alumni aren’t successful, then neither is Watson.”

-Ryan Singh, Fall 2013 Watson Scholar and Associate Director of the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign