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Zake Zhang


Zake is an action taker, and enjoyer of not fitting in. He was given so much during his travels, and now he wants to pass this LOVE baton to more people. From providing free English courses, to life-changing workshops in rural areas, he’s trying to make an impact in every way possible.

"It’s more important to make a small change than play a small part in a big change. " — Aaron Swartz


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Protect your courage

Now, WECRACK is also known for its CRACKx events and iTALK salon.

He loves public speaking, and was one of the speakers invited to Harvard HPAIR conference in 2016. He’s the grand award winner of both 2014 and 2013 FLTRP Cup National Public Speaking Contest, and won 3rd place of EF “BE SOMEBODY” competition for the Region of China. He also helped organize both TEDxXi’an and TEDxNWU, two fantastic events with volunteers in Xi’an, and finally was an invited speaker at TEDxYaohuLake event in Nanchang this June.

Zake is also a writer, believing that we need to document first, then create. He originally launched THE REVIEW ARMY in Dec, 2015, and started sharing monthly reviews with subscribed friends.