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Vishal Saharan


Vishal believes that resources and conflicts have an inverse relationship; the lesser the resource, the greater the conflict. Water is the most used resource and is rapidly decreasing. He believes that this could push most of the world into conflict, but that it also provides an opportunity to unite everyone.

Nothing is everything


billion People will live in water scarce areas by 2025.


billion more mouths to feed by 2025, needing an annual water supply equal to the flow of 100 Colorado Rivers.


of global population lives in countries with falling water table.

Protect your courage

He changed schools many times, and thus learned about diverse cultures in India. He did his graduation in History from Delhi.

During his travels through India, he realized the problem of water scarcity, both in urban and rural areas, and saw what its implications could be in the future, as people had already started killing because of water. He went to work in one of the driest regions in India to learn about the solutions to the problem of water scarcity. He worked on building community rain water harvesting structures to raise the ground water level.

The high cost to build these structures forced him to think of the financial aspect. He realized the only sustainable solution to this is uniting and enabling the farming communities to build these structures themselves. He plans to do it by eliminating the middlemen and introducing new agricultural techniques which would increase the profits, then using the collective profits to build the community harvesting structures.