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Sameer Issa


Sameer Issa, who hails from Amman, Jordan, is both a yoga practitioner and nature lover. He is conducting a research project that investigates the integration of Equine Therapy with Yoga concepts and the benefits for children, animals, and the environment. He works to cultivate compassion, respect, and acceptance of global citizenship.

“No matter how good you are at hiding things from yourself and others, your nervous system still involuntarily broadcast what you're really feeling – at a frequency horses are specially good at tuning into.” -Linda Kohanov


miles traveled form Jordan to Boulder


years as a vegetarian


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Protect your courage

Sameer is a yogi and a nature lover. Originally from Palestine, Sameer has lived in Jordan since childhood.

Often in poor educational systems, learning disabilities are not diagnosed or treated well. It was not until after Sameer’s high school education that he found out, through his sister who is a speech therapist, that he had dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Sameer believes that cultivating good human qualities occurs through serving others compassionately in any way possible. Knowing this, Sameer made a practical decision to actively help people, through obtaining a two-year diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism. His interest in studies of the natural world drove him to attain a year long scholarship to study at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and Peace Cooperation on Kibbutz Ketura, in Israel. This program allowed him to step into the environmental field. It was there his passions and goals became even clearer.

Sameer’s vision is to apply his passion for animals and children by mixing Equine Therapy with Yoga concepts to help the next generation. Sameer hopes to build towards a global citizenship based on acceptance, respect and compassion for all sentient beings.