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Romain Vakilitabar


Romain Vakilitabar, after losing a battle to keep a business started in his dorm room alive, did what any rational entrepreneur would do. He packed up a bag and journeyed across the world to find business miracles in unexpected places. He is author of children's book "Matteo's Day Off", works as an apprentice for Unreasonable Group, and challenges the preconceptions of our current world.

"Protect your courage" -ERIC GLUSTROM

Protect your courage

After reading “The Alchemist,” Romain decided he needed to live his own journey. So one day, he packed up his bags and left. Romain, born in a family of educators, crushed his parents’ hearts when he decided to leave school to pursue a journey worth living. Since then, he spent years building a business doomed to fail, wrote a children’s book communicating climate to younger audiences and traveled the world with Unreasonable at Sea helping social entrepreneurs scale their business globally. He has also been passionate about helping students looking to make an impact discover their entrepreneurial journey and started a student run incubator in collaboration with Unreasonable at Sea. He spent some time homeless in the streets of Scandinavia in order to test the dogma that “need is the mother of all invention.”