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Paulo Oscuro


Mission: engineer building his future society through technology and entrepreneurship.

“It has been proven that technology is the most powerful catalyst for economic growth, not just for individuals but for entire populations. You, the students of technology, have the ability to take this country out of poverty. That is your future. Do it well." - Dado Banatao


Billion pesos is the cost of traffic in Metro Manila alone


Million Active Mobile Social Accounts in the Philippines


Goal to converge the young and social drivers to disrupt the increasing economic cost of traffic and drive it into inclusive economic growth.

Protect your courage

The son of a farmer and a public school teacher, he grew up in a small village in Bicol in southern Luzon where he graduated from Bicol Regional Science High School and pursued a degree in BS Computer Science. He aspired to start his own business that would enable trucks to deliver products to people in the countryside more efficiently. Unfortunately, he lacked the resources to get his startup off the ground and help give his family a better life. That all changed this past summer when Paulo attended the inaugural program of Watson Institute Philippines. Within two weeks, Paulo was able to meet valuable mentors, pitch to investors, build a support network, and jumpstart his business, Grived, a social trip manager and rewards platform for drivers. He believes in the role of responsible technological innovation and entrepreneurship in national development.When he was in high school he created a working prototype for Leaf Endoparasitic Nematode Scanner using Thermographic Imaging which won 2nd place in a local Science and Engineering Fair in 2010. His goal at Watson is to accelerate his venture and share his learnings when he returns to the Philippines.