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Misa Grenier


“Smile and the whole world smiles with you.” –Many People


Countries where I traveled and performed


Friends in over twenty–five different countries


Hours of international community impact

Protect your courage

Misa Grenier is a 22 year old from Viroqua, Wisconsin.  Before coming to Watson about a year and a half ago – she had just finished up her time with the non profit group Up with People, where she had the amazing opportunity to travel the world, perform in a show with a positive message, live with 50+ host families, experience new cultures and do volunteer work in all the communities visited. During her gap year she came to the realization that she is a people person and thoroughly enjoys bringing people together in so many different ways.  Misa also witnessed scenarios in many cultures where there were struggles amongst people. Here is where her passion lies and where she wants to make a difference.  Misa is determined to help create solutions for people who may be in need of support on a variety of different levels. She is passionate about creating experiences people and with that she loves to be a facilitator of growth. Whether that be bestowing confidence and support in young adults around an idea that they want to make a reality, helping kids develop values at a young age or guiding teenagers to speak up and believe in them selves, she enjoys working with all ages. Through collaboration with colleagues and mentors at Watson University, she is excited for the opportunity to orchestrate her visions into reality to make the world a more harmonious place.
Added Blurb: At the moment Misa is on her 4th and final semester here at Watson and will graduate with a combined bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship from Watson & Lynn University in May. Throughout her time at Watson she has worked on developing different ideas that combine her passions and skills. One idea took her across the globe to Uganda where she worked on a program called MOVE that worked with kids and developing their social and emotional skills. She is now in the process, which may be an ongoing life process, of figuring out where she can use her extensive skillset and natural gifts and passions to make the most impact and create a more positive world for us all.