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Isaac Forsland


After immersing himself in a nomadic and placed-based high school education, Isaac is committed to giving back to the world's wellbeing. Currently, he dreams of creating positive environmental change in Ecuador. He also hopes to educate Canadians on their role as leaders in forest sustainability.

Peter: The train is lost.

Jack: How can a train be lost? It's on rails.

-The Darjeeling Limited


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Protect your courage

From grades nine through twelve, he attended THINK Global School, the world’s first nomadic high school. During his first international destination, Ecuador, Isaac experienced firsthand the magnitude of enviro-centric issues. Exploring the world through this educational platform deeply impacted the way he understood his role as a global citizen, and thus inspired him to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor – one that keeps him connected to the international body.

With his seven years of skateboard building experience, Isaac is currently mixing this vision to create a completely sustainable skate company. He hopes the brand will break the traditional mindset of consumer culture, and will also play an active role in maintaining the quality of the Amazon Rainforest.