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Favio G. Camacho Soria

Favio G. Camacho Soria


Once I realized that speaking language is not natural in humans, I wondered was natural? According to Steven Pinker, language is the result of human thoughts, social relationships, evolution and biology. However, if a human is raised by himself with no others humans around, he is not going to speak any language at all. So, in this context we can consider speaking to be language as a mechanism we developed long ago to share information among us.
I seek to see language as a mechanism which can be improved, including the transmission of emotions and intentions within it. If we can improve the way we communicate with each other, all the negotiations are going to be faster and effective; including better education, better trainings, better human understanding and it could create a more empathetic world.

To begin with, I'm going to create a program of communication skills; to teach people how to communicate efficiently, meanwhile, researching how it could be possible to measure human emotion and turn itto data in order to try to simulate the same emotion in others person's brain.

"Everything is relative in this world, where change alone endures"
- Leon Trotsky


of what our interlocutor receives is due to de words we say


is due the voice tone


is due to body language

A bit about Favio

Favio Camacho is a Bolivian guy who was raised in an environment full of contradictions, at the begging he felt confused about how every person has its own truth and perspective of the world, and how he/she tries to communicate through it. When he was 15 he learned how to connect with people, and realize that the best way to talk to someone and make him/her understand the message that other person wants to send it is through his/her own perspective. That means that there are as much as languages around the world as people on it (if we are talking about speaking language). But he wants to discover or help humanity developing an universal language, with which there won’t be misunderstandings any more .