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Ethan Levy


At age 7, Ethan wanted to grown up to “be an entrepreneur.” As a kid he loved to make a quick buck, but after trips abroad, his focus shifted to purpose. Ethan's childlike curiosity gives him inspiration to solve grownup problems in the entrepreneurship & social entrepreneurship space.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” — Jack Canfield


2 degrees, $20k, 200+ credits earned in college.


hours contributed to student led startups from 40+ connections made via FailUp


social impact return on investment of $1,500 in student-led social ventures

Protect your courage

As a kid, he collected cards, rocks, shells, coins, and other items to buy, sell, and trade to his neighbors, friends, and family. At 7 he invented “Which, What, Who” (to satisfy his boredom), at 12 he started “Shoe4You” (to make money off his friend’s shoes), at 15 he started “swAP books” (to save money on books), at 16 he started “Yourteenagent” (to bridge the adolescent and professional world), and at 17 he started intramural sports (to continue the glorious days of gym). He decided to attend Tulane University in New Orleans to study social entrepreneurship & international business, to learn how to make an impact within a global context. At 22, Ethan is starting FailUp to create a space for entrepreneurs to connect with what they need. Through FailUp, he works to make entrepreneurship a more just, accessible, and healthy place of business. To end “failure,” FailUp redefines and embraces the culture of failure to minimize fear and maximize self-improvement so people can more effectively achieve their entrepreneurial & life goals.