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Eibhlin Lim


Eibhlin’s passion for reading and writing has led her to (armchair) travels beyond her homeland Malaysia, more books, awesome conversations with strangers from different walks of life, numerous national and international writing awards and her latest project: building a digital journalism camp for underprivileged youths.

“Protect your courage "

Protect your courage

Most youths believe that reading and writing is nothing more than a dreary part of school life, but Eibhlin believes that writing is a great way to contribute back to society: from expressing oneself positively, facilitating the flow ideas, inspiring others through ideas to innovate and giving a voice to the subject of the story/article.

She has founded a book club in her previous school and championed the fundraiser that brought USD 350 worth of reading materials to a neighboring school. As a writer, she has won numerous awards in creative writing, journalism and non-fiction, both nationally and internationally. So far she has more 50 articles published in various news outlets. She has also been chosen to be an ambassador for the teenage pullout of a prominent national newspaper for 2 consecutive years and was the editor of the teenager pullout of another national newspaper that triumphed over all the other pullouts for 2011 Best Entertainment Issue title.

She is currently building a digital journalism camp for underprivileged youths and she hopes to use her opportunity at Watson to learn more ways she can inspire other youths to find a special place for reading and writing in their lives.