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Egan Elston


Egan was born in the High Mountain desert of Northern New Mexico. He loves wild places, traveling, teaching, learning and effecting social and environmental justice. Egan’s life work is to transform authoritarian, unhealthy, unsustainable social and environmental relationships into healthy, egalitarian, sustainable relationships based on reciprocity and consent.

"Where there's a will, there's a way." - Old English proverb


Months lived outside of the U.S.


Multi-billion dollar non-conventional fossil fuel pipelines blockaded


Nights slept outside

Protect your courage

Since Egan was an adolescent he has had a deep yearning to challenge ignorance and injustice. He believes the greatest challenges facing humanity arise from a disconnection to our personal power.  This disconnection allows for decision making to become centralized in the hands of a minority. The core values of Egan’s life are directed towards reversing this.

He studied organic agriculture for a year in New Zealand.  At Sterling University in Vermont he co-created and coordinated an after school curriculum to connect young children to the outdoors. Here Egan created an independent study where he led workshops designed to release denial of modern day ecocide and genocide. One main focus of the workshops was to challenge apathy and choose consciously how we want to feel, think and act about such realities. He left university to support an indigenous people called the Unistoten clan who are blockading pipelines across their sovereign territory. He worked on a large variety of projects to assist the Unistoten in stopping the expansion of the Tar sands.

Egan intends at Watson to join and lead a diversity of local grassroots projects. This will be supported by a research project on identifying needs of the Boulder community.