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Efua Agyare-Kumi


Efua plans to take her passion for storytelling, music and creative writing and create an organisation for the youth of Ghana (aged 15-24) that unleashes the storytelling power that lies within them. She has facilitated a number of arts workshops, the most recent of which ran for 3 weeks at Unity College Special Needs School in South Africa. Through these experiences, she witnessed the immense power stories have to positively transform an individual’s perception of their reality.

"Keep moving forward" - Disney, Meet the Robinsons


inflation rate of the Ghana’s currency, the cedi, in the past year


of Ghana’s youth aged 15-24 unemployed and unequipped for the nation’s new socio-economy


step curriculum that transforms young people into shapers of the future.

Protect your courage

Through her work, she intends to transform Ghana into a country with young people who see a world full of stories worth telling and who see themselves as the creators of the narrative of their nation, not merely the characters. Her vision is a Ghana where young people have the ability to tell these stories creatively and captivatingly, and touch people’s hearts and change their minds. Her venture will be the network that will hone and amplify their voices, breaking the one-way flow of information from the West to Africa.