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Dwayne Griffith

Saint Maarten

Dwayne Griffith = A Global Citizen. This young man grew up in the beautiful multicultural Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Growing up in a society full of different cultures, he came to the realization that there are increasing incidents of xenophobia and intolerance. At Watson, this aspiring Social Entrepreneur will build an organization to educate individuals about GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” – Dr. Myles Munroe


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A bit about Dwayne

Living on the 37 square miles island of Sint Maarten, which has more than 120 different nationalities, Dwayne interacts with many individuals from different cultures every day. This detail oriented young man saw that intolerance is common in many societies, and he would like to start a non-profit organization called Humanity Vision (HumaniTV), which will aim to create a learning environment for global leadership and citizenship. HumaniTV intends to reverse this trend through educational tools, targeting the youth, to promote the understanding of different cultures, appreciation and respect for varying views, the promotion of peace, and sustainable development goals, all leading to a broader world view.

Dwayne’s initiative will help youths begin to see through this culture of violence, hate, fear mongering and exploitation, and teach them to live and act as responsible citizens of the planet. This young man is a true advocate for youth in the Sint Maarten Youth Parliament and the National Development Plan of Sint Maarten Steering Committee. He was delighted when he was chosen for the first ever Kingdom of the Netherlands Youth Parliament, where he got the opportunity to present one of the final speeches to Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix and other dignitaries. He considers himself a Global Citizen, and he believes that everyone is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent.