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Cicy Shengnan Zhang


Cicy was selected to Watson as our Enlight Women’s Fellowship sponsored by the Enlight Foundation. At Watson, Cicy continued to develop a venture she co-founded called YouthPower, a Chinese NGO that provides leadership education to high-schoolers through social change projects and experiential learning. Cicy is now developing an international arm of YouthPower to allow youth around the world to share their social projects with each other. She is starting her graduate studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education to help her build YouthPower and transform the young generation into leaders of tomorrow.

"Keep moving forward" - Disney, Meet the Robinsons


Countries traveled to


leadership training workshops delivered


high school and college students worldwide impacted

Protect your courage

YouthPower supports high school students in designing and leading a year-long social project. These projects are usually related to environment and sustainability, cultural heritage protection, and aiding disabled groups. YouthPower also organizes inter-cultural leadership camps, annual conventions that provide a stage for students to tell the world their own stories about how they have changed their society. Cicy and her team are helping thousands of students all over China to improve the country in many ways with their unique social projects.

Apart from YouPower, Cicy has also led the international organization AIESEC as a global trainer. She has delivered leadership training workshops in more than 20 developing countries including Iran, Vietnam, Morocco and Egypt. She is most passionate about learning how to integrate strategy, leadership and sustainability into real transformation in higher and secondary education. She envisions a revitalization of Chinese, as well as global education, through personalized, innovative, powerful leadership development.