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Charles Muhanguzi


At AirCool Africa, we create innovative, low-cost solar-powered indoor air purifying solutions for poor families in Africa. Our flexible installment-based payment options ensure that even the poorest people living below the poverty line can access our products. Our solutions are in response to indoor pollution created by poisonous gases resulting from overcrowding, sharing living spaces with animals, as well as cooking and lighting indoors with kerosene and candles. Inhaling these dangerous gases has been known to cause a variety of cancers and respiratory tract condition. Treating terminal conditions like those caused by indoor pollution is a major source of poverty in Africa. Our flagship solution, the ACA01, is a solar-powered device which enables families to detect, quantify and eliminate dangerous gases from their homes. The device detects the most dangerous gases including: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and radon, and then automatically starts its inbuilt inflater fan that enables it to clean the air and oxidize harmful micro-particles, producing a stream of clean, breathable air.




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Watson strives to be the Olympic training ground for the world’s most promising next-generation social entrepreneurs and changemakers. During their time at Watson, students see their social ventures move from idea to launch. We do this through (1) intensive mentorship, (2) tailored curriculum and workshops facilitated by industry leaders, and (3) by convening some of the world’s top young talent in the entrepreneurial hub of Boulder, Colorado. Participants compete for seed-funding and gain access to not only industry leaders, but also funders, investors, and renowned social entrepreneurs