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Brin Enterkin


Brin is the founder of The African Soup, an organization supporting 300 orphans in rural Uganda and Lion's Thread, a social business in Uganda. She has taught social entrepreneurship in Costa Rica and interviewed Ashoka fellows in eight countries.

"Protect your courage"

Protect your courage

During her sophomore year of college, Brin Enterkin started The African SOUP, an organization addressing the needs of 300 orphans in rural Uganda through a sustainable and replicable model ( With a heart for social change, she then started Non-Profit Strategic Services, a small social business focused on grant writing and Nonprofit formation. In her spare time, Brin enjoys studying the concept of social businesses. After receiving foundational funding, she traveled to 8 countries on 3 continents to interview Ashoka Fellows and conduct research on the triple bottom line method. Brin graduated in May 2012 and immediately jet set off to Costa Rica to work for the Sullivan Foundation teaching and mentoring students on social innovation and entrepreneurship. Upon her return back to America, Brin took a one-year competitive fellowship position with the Woodruff Foundation. After hours, she is working to launch a social business venture located in rural Uganda. She also really loves coffee with friends and partaking in beautiful adventures.