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Azure Eller

Azure Eller


My project is a text hotline for college students, offering an anonymous and immediate sounding board as they think through troubling situations via text. Our goal is to normalize the process of asking for help with life’s everyday challenges, empowering college students with practical advice and problem solving tools as they grow into adulthood.

"We create what we defend against, and in defending against it do we make it real" - ACIM


Months gluten free, dairy free, sugar free


Days of meditation accomplished



A bit about Azure

Dealing with a string of physical and mental health issues, Azure noticed his own resistance to seek help for his depression. The stigma around mental health was a deterrent, and therapy seemed extremely inconvenient and anxiety provoking at the time. Support from friends and family combined with self reflection resulted in some sort of healing and happiness for him. Aware of how many students could use help, and now equipped with the experience of positive change, Azure joined up with a team that wants to help normalize the process of asking for help. Rather than having to visit a therapist, the team believes that many students might feel more comfortable and willing to text a trained active listener.