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Abdelhak Ferhat


We noticed that people with special needs are facing huge issues to be coonected to the society and the lack of job opportunities for them so we designed this venture ( to make them feel life again by empowring their communication .It is built on the ability to listen to users’ needs – and respond with solutions that make their lives easier. We constantly strive to develop this mindset. Only when we think from a user’s perspective – understanding the full context of their lives and not just their medical condition – We can develop solutions that really meet their needs and move care forward.We call this intimate healthcare.

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”
― Brian Tracy


million people live with a disability


million have “severe disability”


is the the year he started this venture

A bit about Abdelhak

23 years old , Algerian Young social entrepreneur and CEO of Paramed. I am looking to solve big social problems by using innovation and technology and involve the power of the youth because i think young leaders are the key ,i am trying to build a strong community by acting inclusively . I have participated in several international events and programs , i love diversity and coexsiting .Here are some of my soft skills : Graphic Design , Web design , Communication , Business management ,Marketing , Digital promotion and Stratigic planning .