Tanaka Chingonzo

Mission: To improve the communication between city councils and their citizens.

Tanaka believes communication is the foundation of relationships. He believes that we shape others, and are shaped,  by our interactions. It is through studying these relationships, and understanding them that society can operate efficiently, and the community of humankind can know peace and tranquility, in a continuously changing world.

number of languages I speak.
percent of civil problems in cities are from the result of poor communication.
percent of residents have never communicated with their city council.


State: Zimbabwe

Age: 18

Favorite Quote: “I am a part of all that I have met.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Random silly fact:  Tanaka’s totem is the African lion, Shumba Samaita.


Tanaka has a profound passion for building human relationships and leveraging these relationships to create social and economic change.


Tanaka believes that failure to solve the majority of global problems stems from the lack of effective communication between individuals and organizations. This isolation makes it impossible to identify the problem let alone find a solution. In this way, local problems requiring local solutions become global problems requiring global solutions. He is currently working on a platform to improve the communication between city councils and its citizens, leveraging this relationship to create better and more efficient service. Believing that what sets apart changemakers from the sleeping population is a restlessness and a willingness to get out and do, Tanaka is as dynamic as he is young.