The Current Watson Scholars

Meet the student innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs working to solve the world’s biggest problems.

  • Nathan Jaffe, South Florida
    focused on the dynamics between the pursuit of higher education and career opportunities for the next generation.
  • Anahit Mkrtchyan, South Florida
    mission is to prove that the possibilities are endless.
  • Isaac King, South Florida
    wants to keep his head and vision clear use his knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, rather than himself.
  • Maria-Isabell Abrahamsson, South Florida
    interested in learning more on how learning management systems can alter the educational experience of students.
  • Wainright Acquoi, South Florida
    wants to keep his head and vision clear use his knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, rather than himself.
  • Samuel Nvota, South Florida
    wants to keep his head and vision clear use his knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, rather than himself.
  • James Okina, South Florida
    believes strongly that our world is in a deep mess because of the mistakes of yesterday and if we must make things right, then we must start by preparing the children today for tomorrow
  • Regina Zhyldyzbekova, South Florida
    changing the educational system in Kyrgyzstan by focusing on improving its nationwide curriculum.
  • Ja’dan Johnson, South Florida
    wants to help youth cultivate ideas that create positive impact on the world.
  • Bryan Nakambonde, South Florida
    wants to prove that if we had many versions of Bill Gates strategically focusing on improving smaller regions of the world, many people can be uplifted from poor living standards at a quicker pace.
  • Brima Bangura, South Florida
    seek to address the lack of clean drinking water for underprivileged people in Sierra Leone.
  • Reagan Fox, South Florida
    believes that every human has the potential to make a change in our world but they can’t due to the restrictions upon them.
  • Meghan Kalvey, South Florida
    Meghan is the Founder of, FindQlarity, an online platform that provokes thought and makes the self-inquiry process more efficient (having our questions, responses, thoughts, and ideas stare back at us have a faster impact than an acknowledgment of these reactions when they stay in our mind).
  • Albert Vrzgula, South Florida
    Albert’s mission is to increase youth engagement within political education, utilizing conference-style platforms with the intention of promoting social and political awareness.
  • Chloe Cobb, South Florida
    Chloe’s mission is to create a fashion line that focuses on the beauty of women no matter her shape or size called L.O.L.I.P.O.P which means “Labels of Love, I’m Pretty On Purpose”. She wants to have labels within each piece of clothing expressing how beautiful, strong, and powerful they are as women.
  • Xiomara Florencio, South Florida
    Xiomara’s mission is to change the system and policies around welfare and housing with the intention of bridging the gap between lower-income communities.
  • Uchechukwu Ogbonn, South Florida
    Uchechukwu intends to work on an enterprise centered around mental health with the aim of fighting the stigma and making the service available where access is limited.
  • Tijn Jakobs, South Florida
    After working with various refugee camps in Greece, Tijn intends to set up a venture with the sole purpose to better the living conditions that displaced people reside in.
  • Rachael Stern, South Florida
    Rachael’s mission is to develop a venture tentatively named, Home. A social enterprise focused on the elimination of food waste within communities and educating previously incarcerated women to be cooks. Home would also provide pay for what you can/donation-based meals.
  • Pratima Thami, South Florida
    Pratima’s mission is to create a safe and healthy environment where every child can reach their full potential and every woman can have social, economic, and political equality.
  • Pablo Cuellar, South Florida
    Pablo’s mission is to bring sneakers to a new emerging demographic of people that are interested in the benefits of helping the society and environment around them.
  • Milena Kirillova, South Florida
    Milena's mission is to create an environmental international exchange program for young students from Russia and other countries to increase their environmental awareness and at the same time expose them to a different culture.
  • Lima Sarhadi, South Florida
    Lima's father once told her, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Like her father, Lima believes that education is the key to success and plans to fight to achieve her goals and ignore those voices telling her she can’t, not just for herself but for girls who can't speak for themselves.
  • Jordan Mitchell, South Florida
    Jordan is focused on developing a clothing brand called, Quality Clothing. Their mission is to foster a community that engages influencers and their audiences in social change through the creation of sustainable merchandise.
  • Jonathan Kibe, South Florida
    As the Founder of the LOVE Project, Jonathan is focused on creating awareness concerning mental and emotional health in African communities.
  • Chris Taylor, South Florida
    Chris’s mission is to give opportunities and promote positivity. Whether that be through college or a sustainable career without the need for college.
  • Cameron Casados, South Florida
    Cameron’s mission is to provide high school students and college grads with jobs/internships. Understanding the integration of experience/knowledge in a way that allows students to pay off student loans and work towards developing a sustainable future.
  • Antonia Ndumba, South Florida
    Antonia's mission is to create a safe space for children to stay engaged with meaningful extracurricular activities and help women generate income for themselves within her home country of Namibia.
  • Anthony Dace, South Florida
    As the Founder of GBX, Anthony is working to empower youth by teaching them creative confidence and applied creativity. The ultimate goal is to help them become contributing members to a greater community.
  • Alyssa Tivin, South Florida
    Alyssa’s mission is to educate herself more about nursing homes. Her ideal goal is to create a not-for-profit nursing home.
  • Ali Sandoval, South Florida
    Aliesana has recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Because of this, she would like to help others, especially teenagers, win this battle by cross-pollinating with both Eastern & Western practices/medicines in order to facilitate physical/mental healing.
  • Dwayne Griffith, South Florida
    Saint Maarten
    helping people communicate effectively across different cultures.
  • Xiya Xio, Boulder
    Xiya is working on a project called STEM Clinic, which aims to help girls and children in poor areas to have access to education, raise people's awareness of gender equality, and help more girls to study in the field of science and engineering.
  • Valeriia Moroz, Boulder
    Analyzing her experience with the bakery that employed people with autism, Valeriia decided to create a fundraising and organization-project-donor matching platform for Ukrainian mission-driven projects.
  • Reuben Salima, Boulder
    Clement and Reuben are founding a youth empowerment and employment center; the center will provide courses in entrepreneurship skills, life skills studies and promote talent.
  • Raymond Francois, Boulder
    United States
    The problem that most deeply weighs on Raymond’s heart is food insecurity.
  • Rahul Naidu Mariserla, Boulder
    Rahul’s main product solves the first problem of ensuring iron intake without being inhibited by misconceptions is cast iron cookware.
  • Paul Ristuccia, Boulder
    United States
    Paul’s focus is green building and sustainable waste management.
  • Manuella Rodrigues, Boulder
    Football for a Cause is a company that aims to improve access to education through a national passion: football.
  • Louise Silva, Boulder
    Prep Change's mission is to provide quality education to high school students by helping them to get scholarships in top International High Schools abroad.
  • Leejoo Hwang, Boulder
    Juventus Consulting meets that need by providing professional youth-related consulting services as a social enterprise that hires incredible youth and partners up with schools, clubs, after-school programs and networks to collect reliable data and information.
  • Kabuki Ibrahim, Boulder
    Rotate focuses on matching graduates to companies for jobs using the BPO where this business outsourcing serves people from different countries.
  • Jinen Friji, Boulder
    Jinen founded EcoMasha: with products made of recycled plastic, they offer prospective customers a discernible added-value beyond the look.
  • David Odhiambo Ochieng, Boulder
    David researched how to convert hyacinth into something of economic value.
  • Jackson Dean, Boulder
    United States
    Jackson’s project is called Checks and Stripes Foundation.
  • Ezra Newfield, Boulder
    United States
    Ezra’s venture is GoGreen, with a mission to raise awareness about plastic pollution.
  • Evelyn Tang, Boulder
    Evelyn’s venture is a game that simulates challenges we face as a society.
  • Dieuné Louis, Boulder
    Dieuné’s project concept is to provide each community household 3 garbage bins to deposit waste.
  • David (Mualen) Umborjah, Boulder
    Vara Wudiu seeks to tackle the scarcity of animal feed during the dry season when fresh palatable feed is absent and animals usually wander around in starvation.
  • Clement Kam'mwamba, Boulder
    Clement and Reuben are founding a youth empowerment and employment center; the center will provide courses in entrepreneurship skills, life skills studies and promote talent.
  • Claudine Migisha Muhoza, Boulder
    Democratic Republic of Congo
    The Nguvu Ya Africa project seeks to tackle current issues that are pertinent in Congo due to the political-economic crisis.
  • Bonnie Chen, Boulder
    United States
    Bonnie’s venture plans starting a fashion brand, incorporating designs for a classic look in aesthetics in fashion.
  • Ashley Yong, Boulder
    Ashley’s focus issue is the failing system of administrative support in policy making and implementation in Malaysia, specifically regarding the lack of public involvement during the process.
  • Anna Gabriella Casalme, Boulder
    United States
    Anna Gabriella is the founder of Novelly, an ed-tech non-profit reimagining civic education for youth.
  • Aida Namukose, Boulder
    Aida is the founder of Bliss Uganda, an organization working with women living in rural areas to create reusable pads from locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Abdulrehman Alwy, Boulder
    In Kenya it’s the patients’ responsibility to provide blood for transfusion they need be it for dialysis/chemotherapy/anaemia etc. Abdulrehman is an advocate and creates awareness for voluntary blood donation.
  • Abdalla Hassanein, Boulder
    Aurora is working on the integration and introduction of youth into the social entrepreneurial development sector as entry-level jobs using specialized training, customized recruitment, and aid matchmaking.