The Current Watson Scholars

Meet the student innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs working to solve the world’s biggest problems.

  • Alexandria Yaxley, South Florida
    focused on connecting adolescents who have experienced mental health challenges.
  • Nathan Jaffe, South Florida
    focused on the dynamics between the pursuit of higher education and career opportunities for the next generation.
  • Isaac King, South Florida
    wants to keep his head and vision clear use his knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, rather than himself.
  • Wainright Acquoi, South Florida
    wants to keep his head and vision clear use his knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, rather than himself.
  • Samuel Nvota, South Florida
    wants to keep his head and vision clear use his knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, rather than himself.
  • Maria-Isabell Abrahamsson, South Florida
    interested in learning more on how learning management systems can alter the educational experience of students.
  • James Okina, South Florida
    believes strongly that our world is in a deep mess because of the mistakes of yesterday and if we must make things right, then we must start by preparing the children today for tomorrow
  • Ja’dan Johnson, South Florida
    wants to help youth cultivate ideas that create positive impact on the world.
  • Regina Zhyldyzbekova, South Florida
    changing the educational system in Kyrgyzstan by focusing on improving its nationwide curriculum.
  • Bryan Nakambonde, South Florida
    wants to prove that if we had many versions of Bill Gates strategically focusing on improving smaller regions of the world, many people can be uplifted from poor living standards at a quicker pace.
  • Brima Bangura, South Florida
    seek to address the lack of clean drinking water for underprivileged people in Sierra Leone.
  • Anahit Mkrtchyan, South Florida
    mission is to prove that the possibilities are endless.
  • Reagan Fox, South Florida
    believes that every human has the potential to make a change in our world but they can’t due to the restrictions upon them.
  • Dwayne Griffith, South Florida
    Saint Maarten
    helping people communicate effectively across different cultures.
  • Salsabil Thabti, Boulder
    bringing North African women together to support, empower, and push each other to successfully run businesses.
  • Paola Prieto, Boulder
    addressing the lack of opportunities for young girls who desire the tools to start their own business.
  • Yousra Kherkhache, Boulder
    improving her community in any way that she can.
  • Vito Ljubec, Boulder
    supporting early stage youth entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe.
  • Sonam Kumar, Boulder
    working for the poor to uplift lives and create job opportunities.
  • Olesia Mehedyniuk, Boulder
    devoted to helping others, particularly children, to learn about the importance of recycling.
  • Lawrence Okettayot, Boulder
    solving challenges in agriculture and entrepreneurship to make his community a better one
  • Meiling Wu, Boulder
    believes that to help small companies grow is to grow the world.
  • Grant Ellison, Boulder
    has a passion for simplifying people's lives, and a desire to fill needs.
  • Mahmoud Tohamy, Boulder
    wants to fix the damage in the world to make it a better place and to help people to have a better life.
  • Kim White, Boulder
    inspiring creative children in Zimbabwe to be the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Diane Delava, Boulder
    making a positive impact on this planet that drastically needs it.
  • Brian Kariuki, Boulder
    making the world into a better place for everyone by solving problems through innovative technology.
  • Andrianina Jamuelle, Boulder
    Encouraging people to use non-chemically treated and safer products to reduce illnesses and respect the environment.
  • Alhassan Baba Muniru, Boulder
    Al co-creates local solutions to solve the waste challenge in Ghana through youth empowerment programs.
  • Sara Hrašar, Boulder
    Producing wheelchair slippers for physically disabled individuals in order to break a barrier of stigma and shame.
  • Tobechukwu Okeke, Boulder
    Using augmented reality to share human stories, so that we can understand others' reality and be inspired to build a more just world.
  • Ricardo Rocha, Boulder
    Delivering fresh groceries and a full inventory of goods to homes located in food deserts and families facing food insecurity throughout Denver.
  • Beniamin Strzelecki, Boulder
    Creating a gap-year program for high school graduates allowing them to discover their passions and better prepare for future careers.
  • Jefferson Kang’acha, Boulder
    Transforming the Kenyan agricultural landscape through automated hydroponic technology in horticultural farming.
  • Charlotte Vitak, Boulder
    Breaking down silos to bring students, professors, and community members to listen and learn from each other.
  • Abdelhak Ferhat, Boulder
    Developping innovative products and services for people with personal and private medical conditions.
  • Nzambi Matee, Boulder
    Impact the world positively a day at a time.
  • Norman Mthethwa, Boulder
    To provide water acces for the purpose of improving hygiene and sanitation through profitable agricultural practices.
  • Michael Hentschel, Boulder
    Creating a sports- based empathy building program that combines global citizenship curriculum and games that emphasize life skills such as teamwork, grit and accountability
  • Mackendy Blanc, Boulder
    Uniting groups of passionate young leaders throughout Haiti and training them on the concepts of social entrepreneurship