Updates about COVID-19

Below you will find more information about the steps we are taking to address the current coronavirus pandemic.

A time of contemplation and action

It has always been important for the next generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to have access to mentorship and training to lead a life of impact. It is now the time, more than ever, for them to be involved as part of the solution to the current global pandemic.

There is a new world being shaped by COVID-19. A world that needs young leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to be part of the dialogue and solution. Our contribution to this new world is serving as the platform and launchpad for the next generation and preparing them to tackle the challenges ahead.

You can learn more below about our coronavirus updates and how we plan to continue to support our students below.

Updates for the Watson Semester Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado

In Fall 2021, Watson Institute is running a hybrid Semester Accelerator out of Boulder, Colorado. We designed the hybrid Semester Accelerator upon our long-standing belief in providing world-class programming for diverse next generation innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

The hybrid Semester Accelerator includes all the elements of our impactful in-person Accelerator: intensive training, mentorship, master courses, seed funding, a greatly expanded global network of funders and partners, and a powerful community of diverse peers from across the world.

We will continue to monitor the pandemic and vaccine distribution and will adhere to all state and federal mandates and guidelines.

Updates for Watson Institute at Lynn University

Watson Institute students will resume on-campus classes at Lynn University in Fall 2021 through Lynn’s new block schedule format. Lynn’s reopening is based on government and health authority guidelines, benchmarking from other universities and the work of a dedicated task force.

Students will benefit from a new block schedule that will be comprised of four separate, four-week terms. Full-time undergraduate students may take up to two courses per term, and those who are unable to be on campus may opt for remote instruction for the term.

With fewer courses per time period, block scheduling will limit the number of people students come in contact with during each session. It also allows for quickly switching to remote learning if necessary, and it provides students with flexibility to make decisions according to their personal needs and circumstances.

Please continue to check lynn.edu/alert and lynn.edu/roadmap for the latest updates and answers to frequently asked questions.

Updates for Watson Institute at Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Watson Institute at UFM’s Career Accelerator finished on July 9, 2021. Our next program dates have yet to be determined. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and vaccine distribution and will adhere to all state and federal mandates and guidelines.



Updated on July 15, 2021.